Augusta, GA Daily Crime Reports - 12/14/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault12/14/11. 3100 BLOCK OF WRIGHTSBORO RD AUGUSTADetails
BAssault12/14/11. 3000 BLOCK OF PLUMBRIDGE CT AUGUSTADetails
CAssault12/14/11. 2500 BLOCK OF DRAYTON DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
DAssault12/14/11. 1200 BLOCK OF HOLDEN DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
EAssault12/14/11. 2100 BLOCK OF BROAD STREET AUGUSTADetails
FAssault12/14/11. 1400 BLOCK OF BROOKSTONE RD AUGUSTADetails
GAssault12/14/11. 2100 BLOCK OF SIBLEY RD AUGUSTADetails
HAssault12/14/11. 1700 BLOCK OF WRIGHTSBORO RD AUGUSTADetails
IAssault12/14/11. 2300 BLOCK OF E QUAIL CT AUGUSTADetails
JAssault12/14/11. 1000 BLOCK OF PATRIOTS WAY AUGUSTADetails
KAssault12/14/11. 3500 BLOCK OF WOODLAKE RD AUGUSTADetails
LBurglary12/14/11. 2600 BLOCK OF WHEELER RD AUGUSTADetails
MBurglary12/14/11. 1700 BLOCK OF MEADOWS STREET AUGUSTADetails
NBurglary12/14/11. 2400 BLOCK OF YATES DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
OBurglary12/14/11. 1700 BLOCK OF ESSIE MCINTYRE BLVD 32 AUGUSTADetails
PBurglary12/14/11. 2600 BLOCK OF DUBLIN DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
QBurglary12/14/11. 3400 BLOCK OF MCALPINE DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
RBurglary12/14/11. 3500 BLOCK OF MIKE PADGETT HWY APT 10B AUGUSTADetails
SBurglary12/14/11. 1000 BLOCK OF AZALEA DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
TBurglary12/14/11. 3200 BLOCK OF WARWICK PL AUGUSTADetails
UBurglary12/14/11. 700 BLOCK OF BRANSFORD RD AUGUSTADetails
VVandalism12/14/11. 1100 BLOCK OF MERCIER STREET AUGUSTADetails
WBurglary12/14/11. 1700 BLOCK OF MEADOWS ST AUGUSTADetails
XBurglary12/14/11. 2400 BLOCK OF YATES DR AUGUSTADetails
YBurglary12/14/11. 2600 BLOCK OF DUBLIN DR AUGUSTADetails
ZBurglary12/14/11. 3400 BLOCK OF MCALPINE DR AUGUSTADetails
Burglary12/14/11. 1000 BLOCK OF AZALEA DR AUGUSTADetails
Arrest12/14/11. 1900 BLOCK OF GREENE ST AUGUSTADetails
Vandalism12/14/11. 1100 BLOCK OF MERCIER ST AUGUSTADetails
Assault12/14/11. 2500 BLOCK OF DRAYTON DR AUGUSTADetails
Assault12/14/11. 1200 BLOCK OF HOLDEN DR AUGUSTADetails
Assault12/14/11. 2100 BLOCK OF BROAD ST AUGUSTADetails

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