Pasco County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 09/25/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
BAssault09/25/12. 01:53 AM.37900 BLOCK OF CORNFLOWER AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
DAssault09/25/12. 02:41 AM.RYALS ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
EOther09/25/12. 02:55 AM.1800 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
FOther09/25/12. 12:35 AM.9900 BLOCK OF AQUARIUS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
GOther09/25/12. 03:21 AM.1500 BLOCK OF COCKLESHELL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
HAssault09/25/12. 01:33 AM.TEAKWOOD PASCO COUNTYDetails
IAssault09/25/12. 01:36 AM.7600 BLOCK OF SR 54 NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
JOther09/25/12. 10:03 PM.US 19/SR 52 BAYONET POINTDetails
KAssault09/25/12. 10:06 PM.14000 BLOCK OF FIVAY RD HUDSONDetails
LAssault09/25/12. 09:57 AM.2100 BLOCK OF SEVEN SPRINGS BLV NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
MTheft09/25/12. 09:57 AM.18000 BLOCK OF OKEENE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
NOther09/25/12. 10:06 AM.4800 BLOCK OF BARTELT RD HOLIDAYDetails
OBurglary09/25/12. 10:08 AM.5500 BLOCK OF BOWLINE BEND PASCO COUNTYDetails
POther09/25/12. 10:10 AM.14000 BLOCK OF FIVAY RD HUDSONDetails
QOther09/25/12. 04:42 PM.7700 BLOCK OF RIDGE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
ROther09/25/12. 03:43 PM.4200 BLOCK OF WINDING RIVER WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
SBurglary09/25/12. 03:47 PM.7400 BLOCK OF BIMINI DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
TTheft09/25/12. 03:52 PM.3700 BLOCK OF BLACKHAWK DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
UOther09/25/12. 10:47 PM.7500 BLOCK OF NEW YORK AV HUDSONDetails
VOther09/25/12. 10:59 PM.5800 BLOCK OF WESLEY GROVE BLVDetails
WAssault09/25/12. 11:09 PM.ARTS PASCO COUNTYDetails
XOther09/25/12. 11:09 PM.5400 BLOCK OF LEEWARD LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
YTheft09/25/12. 01:07 PM.3400 BLOCK OF BEDFORD ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
ZOther09/25/12. 01:08 PM.1800 BLOCK OF MANDOLIN WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:13 PM.7500 BLOCK OF CYPRESS KNOLL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 01:16 PM.CONGRESSDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:19 PM.3000 BLOCK OF US 19 ELFERSDetails
Assault09/25/12. 01:20 PM.13200 BLOCK OF LAUDERDALE ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:34 PM.STONES RIVER PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:41 PM.4000 BLOCK OF MENLO CT HOLIDAYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 07:43 PM.LOCK/14TH DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:45 PM.7700 BLOCK OF HARDAWAY DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:14 AM.8000 BLOCK OF SYCAMORE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:56 PM.CHANCEY/US 301 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 07:01 PM.7400 BLOCK OF DUKE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 07:01 PM.3400 BLOCK OF ROXBURY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 07:09 PM.7300 BLOCK OF LAKE MAGNOLIA DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:59 AM.25200 BLOCK OF WESLEY CHAPEL BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:03 AM.13200 BLOCK OF US 19 PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:14 AM.6500 BLOCK OF TOWER DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:41 AM.4700 BLOCK OF RYALS RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:46 AM.15700 BLOCK OF COUNTY LINE RD SPRING HILLDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:46 PM.SR 54/DUCK SLOUGHDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:50 PM.22600 BLOCK OF GLYNDON POINT RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 05:52 PM.29000 BLOCK OF JOHNSTON RD DADE CITYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 05:53 PM.3600 BLOCK OF BERKSHIRE ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 05:54 PM.18200 BLOCK OF EDGEWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 05:54 PM.BARBARA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 06:07 PM.BOX ELDER PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:08 PM.3300 BLOCK OF VAN NUYS LP PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 06:11 PM.7700 BLOCK OF HARDAWAY DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:16 PM.14THDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:22 PM.2600 BLOCK OF PALESTA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:17 AM.LIDO PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest09/25/12. 10:27 AM.7400 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 03:24 PM.10000 BLOCK OF GLEN MOOR LADetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:26 PM.13200 BLOCK OF MIAMI ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:30 PM.10600 BLOCK OF OLEANDER DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:57 PM.4700 BLOCK OF HEAVENS WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:59 PM.PALM GROVE ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:02 PM.39600 BLOCK OF CENTRAL AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:05 PM.37900 BLOCK OF PALMETTO PALM DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:20 AM.30500 BLOCK OF ANNADALE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 04:35 PM.ROBILINA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 04:36 PM.5400 BLOCK OF POWHATTAN ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 04:38 PM.12600 BLOCK OF CATALONA AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism09/25/12. 04:39 PM.4400 BLOCK OF ROWAN RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:31 PM.SR 54/MERCHANTDetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:31 PM.18400 BLOCK OF LAWRENCE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:32 PM.7500 BLOCK OF NEW JERSEY AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:35 PM.4200 BLOCK OF LOUIS AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 03:37 PM.10200 BLOCK OF SR 52Details
Theft09/25/12. 03:38 PM.26000 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:01 PM.7900 BLOCK OF COVENTRY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest09/25/12. 09:09 PM.1300 BLOCK OF BAYTHORN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:16 PM.99900 BLOCK OF IN COUNTY HOLIDAYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 09:21 PM.7000 BLOCK OF 20TH ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:10 PM.PLATHE NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:11 PM.3100 BLOCK OF BUCKNER CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 07:23 PM.7400 BLOCK OF LAREDO DR HUDSONDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:31 PM.7700 BLOCK OF COVENTRY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:34 PM.CARDYDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:39 PM.3400 BLOCK OF MADISON ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:46 PM.KAUAI NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 06:37 AM.7700 BLOCK OF ISABELLA DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 06:38 AM.1500 BLOCK OF COCKLESHELL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:53 PM.9300 BLOCK OF US 19Details
Other09/25/12. 07:56 PM.BENT OAK PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:00 PM.1700 BLOCK OF FIRCREST CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:01 PM.US 19/HUDSON HUDSONDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:45 PM.7300 BLOCK OF QUIET LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 02:53 PM.8100 BLOCK OF SR 54Details
Theft09/25/12. 09:14 AM.7400 BLOCK OF RHINEBECK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 09:19 AM.39500 BLOCK OF KEITHS CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:26 AM.39000 BLOCK OF FLORA AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:29 AM.SR 52Details
Other09/25/12. 09:29 AM.2400 BLOCK OF TAHITIAN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:41 PM.4200 BLOCK OF PECOS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:48 PM.5500 BLOCK OF SILVER SPUR DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:49 PM.22700 BLOCK OF PREAKNESS BLV LAND O' LAKESDetails
Assault09/25/12. 11:53 PM.SHIPSTON PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:32 PM.DECISION PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 05:39 PM.1800 BLOCK OF BRUCE B DOWNS BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:22 PM.9300 BLOCK OF GOLF VIEW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 09:25 PM.HILLTOP/LITTLE JASMINE ESTATESDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:25 PM.10800 BLOCK OF HACHITA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:28 PM.14400 BLOCK OF US 19 HUDSONDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:29 PM.7700 BLOCK OF ISABELLA DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:33 PM.4700 BLOCK OF DAPHNE ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:35 PM.3000 BLOCK OF DOMINO DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest09/25/12. 02:39 PM.36400 BLOCK OF SR 52 DADE CITYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:17 PM.BEACON WOODS/US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 05:22 PM.15600 BLOCK OF LILLY LA NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 05:23 PM.2900 BLOCK OF GRAND BLV HOLIDAYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:25 PM.5600 BLOCK OF SILVER SPUR DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:20 PM.24800 BLOCK OF GEORGE RD LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:28 PM.DECISION PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:36 PM.7300 BLOCK OF VIENNA LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:22 AM.20300 BLOCK OF OLD SOMERSET ACRES LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:23 AM.20300 BLOCK OF OLD SOMERSET ACRES LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:28 AM.7500 BLOCK OF BAYLEAF ST ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:36 AM.7800 BLOCK OF NEW YORK AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism09/25/12. 08:44 AM.39100 BLOCK OF CR 54 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:13 PM.10400 BLOCK OF LEANING OAK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:15 PM.4800 BLOCK OF LITTLE RDDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:22 PM.3100 BLOCK OF GIANNA WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:26 PM.39900 BLOCK OF OTIS ALLEN RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:33 PM.LEISURE/GULF NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:35 PM.12000 BLOCK OF CHUCK CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 12:44 PM.4100 BLOCK OF WESTWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 12:48 PM.9800 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD JASMINE ESTATESDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 12:48 PM.2700 BLOCK OF BUTTERFLY LANDING DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:00 PM.6700 BLOCK OF CARNELIAN AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:02 PM.36700 BLOCK OF OLD SUWANNEE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 03:03 PM.6300 BLOCK OF MIDLAND ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:12 PM.CANTERBERRY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:42 PM.37400 BLOCK OF ACORN LP DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:44 PM.9300 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 09:53 PM.10200 BLOCK OF OSCEOLA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:26 PM.11300 BLOCK OF MANSKER RD DADE CITYDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:38 PM.12500 BLOCK OF FOREST HIGHLANDS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:38 PM.5600 BLOCK OF OCEANIC RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 01:39 PM.4300 BLOCK OF LONGSHORE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 01:43 PM.7700 BLOCK OF HARDAWAY DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Theft09/25/12. 01:44 PM.7300 BLOCK OF GULF HIGHLANDS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 12:16 PM.SCHOOL PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 12:27 PM.BARBARA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 12:31 PM.7300 BLOCK OF WESTCOTT DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 12:36 PM.12200 BLOCK OF SOUTHBRIDGE TER PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:44 PM.BEACON WOODS/US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:48 PM.BARBARA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:50 PM.7300 BLOCK OF ASHWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:53 PM.1500 BLOCK OF EXCALIBUR ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:04 AM.7300 BLOCK OF BOUGENVILLE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:42 AM.5800 BLOCK OF MICHIGAN AV NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other09/25/12. 05:53 AM.10800 BLOCK OF NORWOOD AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:41 AM.14400 BLOCK OF 7TH ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 10:52 AM.7700 BLOCK OF FORT KING RD ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Assault09/25/12. 10:53 AM.3700 BLOCK OF KIMBERLY OAKS DR HOLIDAYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:09 AM.7000 BLOCK OF RIDGE RD NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:10 AM.15700 BLOCK OF COUNTY LINE RD SPRING HILLDetails
Assault09/25/12. 11:49 AM.ROXBURY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:52 AM.11000 BLOCK OF AUSTIN CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:59 AM.9400 BLOCK OF US 19 PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 12:02 PM.9700 BLOCK OF MAXSON DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 12:02 PM.12300 BLOCK OF PARKWOOD ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 12:06 PM.5300 BLOCK OF JO ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 12:07 PM.7800 BLOCK OF VENICE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 12:11 PM.18000 BLOCK OF SR 54 LUTZDetails
Other09/25/12. 12:13 PM.US 19/GRAND PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:07 PM.14900 BLOCK OF ABAIR ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:13 PM.11800 BLOCK OF INDIAN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:15 PM.6700 BLOCK OF SANDRA DR PORT RICHEYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 08:18 PM.27800 BLOCK OF BREAKERS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 08:28 PM.39100 BLOCK OF HILLCREST DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest09/25/12. 01:49 PM.7400 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 07:27 AM.BEAULY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 07:34 AM.1800 BLOCK OF HEALTH CARE DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:18 AM.9600 BLOCK OF US 19 JASMINE ESTATESDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 11:26 AM.3600 BLOCK OF KINGSBURY DR BEACON SQUAREDetails
Assault09/25/12. 11:26 AM.MANSFIELD WESLEY CHAPELDetails
Other09/25/12. 11:31 AM.3600 BLOCK OF BRADFORD DR BEACON SQUAREDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:56 PM.9800 BLOCK OF GRACE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:56 PM.1300 BLOCK OF AVONWOOD CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 03:59 PM.37200 BLOCK OF TAIT AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault09/25/12. 04:00 PM.US 19/MOOG BEACON SQUAREDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:05 PM.OLD CR 54/SR 54Details
Arrest09/25/12. 04:05 PM.7400 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Arrest09/25/12. 08:49 AM.7400 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Vandalism09/25/12. 09:06 AM.25200 BLOCK OF SHERWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:12 AM.16500 BLOCK OF BOSLEY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:09 PM.7300 BLOCK OF JASMINE BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:10 PM.10800 BLOCK OF HILLTOP DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:18 PM.8600 BLOCK OF PAXTON DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 02:21 PM.9300 BLOCK OF SR 54Details
Other09/25/12. 02:21 PM.7500 BLOCK OF BAY LEAF PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary09/25/12. 04:17 PM.12300 BLOCK OF LAKEVIEW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:19 PM.30900 BLOCK OF SADE CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:21 PM.39000 BLOCK OF CENTRAL AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other09/25/12. 04:23 PM.9400 BLOCK OF HOLNWON CT PASCO COUNTYDetails

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