Pasco County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 07/29/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault07/29/12. 01:07 AM.3400 BLOCK OF COLUMBUS DR HOLIDAYDetails
BAssault07/29/12. 01:07 AM.7500 BLOCK OF BRAMBLEWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
COther07/29/12. 01:11 AM.RIDGEFIELD HOLIDAYDetails
DOther07/29/12. 01:12 AM.PINEHURST/MOOG BEACON SQUAREDetails
EShooting07/29/12. 01:18 AM.15300 BLOCK OF MARION AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
FShooting07/29/12. 01:18 AM.15400 BLOCK OF MARION AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
GShooting07/29/12. 01:20 AM.4300 BLOCK OF OAKFIELD AV HOLIDAYDetails
HOther07/29/12. 01:20 AM.SR 52/HAYS SHADY HILLSDetails
JOther07/29/12. 03:44 AM.36700 BLOCK OF BLANTON RD DADE CITYDetails
KOther07/29/12. 03:46 AM.37400 BLOCK OF ACORN LP DADE CITY NORTHDetails
LVandalism07/29/12. 03:50 AM.8300 BLOCK OF AUTUMN OAK AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
MOther07/29/12. 04:16 AM.11800 BLOCK OF LAKEWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
NOther07/29/12. 12:05 AM.3200 BLOCK OF SEFFNER DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
OOther07/29/12. 12:10 AM.6900 BLOCK OF OLDGATE CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
POther07/29/12. 12:12 AM.29200 BLOCK OF SANIBEL DR ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
QOther07/29/12. 12:50 AM.6700 BLOCK OF GALL BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
SOther07/29/12. 12:55 AM.38500 BLOCK OF AMARILLO ST PORT RICHEYDetails
UOther07/29/12. 01:40 AM.WILLINGHAM/3RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
VOther07/29/12. 01:42 AM.39600 BLOCK OF SIERRA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
WAssault07/29/12. 01:43 AM.14000 BLOCK OF FIVAY RD HUDSONDetails
XArrest07/29/12. 01:48 AM.CANTRELL/MOOG PASCO COUNTYDetails
YOther07/29/12. 01:52 AM.3900 BLOCK OF PASCAY CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
ZVandalism07/29/12. 02:01 AM.4200 BLOCK OF RIDGEFIELD AV HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:05 AM.6900 BLOCK OF RIDGE RD PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:10 AM.1400 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:10 AM.9400 BLOCK OF REGENCY PARK BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:18 AM.2000 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:24 AM.13800 BLOCK OF OLD DIXIE HWY HUDSONDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:33 AM.SR 54/ROWANDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:42 AM.ALLEN/TUCKER ZEPHYRHILLS WESTDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:48 AM.4700 BLOCK OF ROWAN RDDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:07 AM.MILE STRETCH/ARDSLEY HOLIDAYDetails
Arrest07/29/12. 03:08 AM.US 19/MANOR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:19 AM.RIDGE/LITTLEDetails
Arrest07/29/12. 03:26 AM.10300 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:30 AM.1300 BLOCK OF BRIGHTWELL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 02:26 AM.30200 BLOCK OF EMMETTS CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 02:27 AM.CHAMBERS PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:22 PM.16800 BLOCK OF JETSON DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 08:22 PM.1100 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:23 PM.26200 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:29 PM.12200 BLOCK OF LACEY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:42 PM.1300 BLOCK OF CHANCELLOR DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:48 PM.4600 BLOCK OF KIMBALL CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:49 PM.3000 BLOCK OF ELLINGTON WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 01:59 PM.WYOMING NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:00 PM.12200 BLOCK OF LEANNE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:04 PM.6300 BLOCK OF TACOMA DRDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:06 PM.YUCCA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 09:10 PM.12500 BLOCK OF ALEMEDO AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:12 PM.7400 BLOCK OF SAN MORITZ DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 08:57 AM.38400 BLOCK OF MONET DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 08:59 AM.38700 BLOCK OF STORY DR LACOOCHEEDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 09:04 AM.11600 BLOCK OF MEADOW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 09:07 AM.7100 BLOCK OF EL TORRO ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:12 AM.37400 BLOCK OF ACORN LP DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:15 PM.7100 BLOCK OF SEWARD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:22 PM.ROWAN/SR 54Details
Other07/29/12. 05:22 PM.7400 BLOCK OF SR 54 NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 05:27 PM.7400 BLOCK OF PULSAR ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 05:32 PM.5000 BLOCK OF GLENN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 05:46 PM.4500 BLOCK OF LANE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 05:49 PM.MAIN/JEFFERSON PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 10:11 PM.1600 BLOCK OF DALE MABRY HWY LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:16 PM.25300 BLOCK OF SR 54 LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:18 PM.4900 BLOCK OF ANN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:25 PM.3200 BLOCK OF BIGELOW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:27 PM.11700 BLOCK OF MEADOW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:31 PM.13100 BLOCK OF FLYING SQUIRREL CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 04:48 PM.7800 BLOCK OF ROUNDELAY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:53 PM.7600 BLOCK OF MARYLAND AV HUDSONDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 05:01 PM.9600 BLOCK OF SIMEON DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 12:45 PM.4300 BLOCK OF BADEN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:47 PM.14100 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 12:49 PM.6200 BLOCK OF ANGUS VALLEY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 12:50 PM.4800 BLOCK OF MILL RUN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:53 PM.1200 BLOCK OF JENNINGS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:12 PM.8500 BLOCK OF MILL CREEK LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 01:12 PM.3900 BLOCK OF PASCAY CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:33 PM.3500 BLOCK OF RED ROCK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:38 PM.5500 BLOCK OF SCHOOL RD LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:51 PM.7300 BLOCK OF HUMBOLDT AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:56 PM.8800 BLOCK OF SUNRISE LADetails
Other07/29/12. 03:05 PM.4300 BLOCK OF NEWGATE AV HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:20 PM.14100 BLOCK OF COBRA WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:21 PM.14100 BLOCK OF COBRA WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:35 PM.3500 BLOCK OF HOLIDAY LAKE DR HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 01:38 PM.35000 BLOCK OF CHANCEY RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 07:23 PM.19700 BLOCK OF BELLHURST WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 07:23 PM.26300 BLOCK OF BRAHMA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:34 PM.16400 BLOCK OF SR 54 ODESSADetails
Other07/29/12. 07:37 PM.38400 BLOCK OF RAMBLEWOOD BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:40 PM.7800 BLOCK OF YUCCA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 05:57 PM.6900 BLOCK OF ANGUS VALLEY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 05:02 PM.4300 BLOCK OF SUSSEX ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 05:04 PM.13200 BLOCK OF CENTER ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Shooting07/29/12. 05:16 PM.32700 BLOCK OF CANTWELL DR SAN ANTONIODetails
Assault07/29/12. 05:22 PM.6800 BLOCK OF LUMBERTON RD ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Assault07/29/12. 06:32 PM.15400 BLOCK OF LARRY RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:34 PM.6100 BLOCK OF OLD TRL PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 06:44 PM.1100 BLOCK OF BAILLIES BLUFF RD HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:51 AM.2500 BLOCK OF CHANCERY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:53 AM.BREAMDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:02 PM.US 19/BEACON WOODS PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:02 PM.14100 BLOCK OF US 19 HUDSONDetails
Assault07/29/12. 12:09 PM.2500 BLOCK OF MICAH DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:10 PM.6700 BLOCK OF GINNY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:39 PM.EHREN CUTOFF/SR 52Details
Other07/29/12. 09:46 PM.14100 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:51 PM.US 19/HUDSON HUDSONDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:58 PM.7100 BLOCK OF RIVERRUN RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:01 PM.6900 BLOCK OF STELL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:01 PM.1100 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:10 PM.5TH/SR 54 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 04:14 PM.4400 BLOCK OF US 19 ELFERSDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:25 PM.9600 BLOCK OF CARDY ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:50 PM.PREMIER PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:55 PM.PREMIER PORT RICHEYDetails
Shooting07/29/12. 07:57 PM.10300 BLOCK OF BELLWOOD AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:14 AM.8800 BLOCK OF SR 52 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 11:23 AM.37400 BLOCK OF ACORN LP DADE CITYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 11:43 AM.2300 BLOCK OF WOOD POINTE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 03:42 PM.9200 BLOCK OF UNICORN AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:45 PM.MACHAIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 03:49 PM.6400 BLOCK OF TROUBLE CREEK RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:42 PM.16900 BLOCK OF DALBERG DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 08:45 PM.7000 BLOCK OF LENOX DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 08:53 PM.LITTLE/NEW YORK HUDSONDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:53 PM.US 19/FOX HOLLOWDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:56 PM.1100 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:16 PM.1000 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:19 PM.LINKWOOD ELFERSDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:22 PM.4800 BLOCK OF FLORAMAR TER PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 09:24 PM.1400 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:19 AM.4800 BLOCK OF SHAW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 08:25 AM.10000 BLOCK OF SHALIMAR ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:27 AM.2500 BLOCK OF SWEETWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:14 PM.LITTLE/MASSACHUSETTSDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 12:26 PM.10100 BLOCK OF SHALIMAR ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft07/29/12. 12:33 PM.4000 BLOCK OF LIGHTHOUSE WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 12:41 PM.7400 BLOCK OF COUNTRY CLUB DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:00 PM.11800 BLOCK OF CASTINE ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 08:03 PM.26200 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 08:03 PM.2900 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 09:34 AM.6800 BLOCK OF TOWER DR HUDSONDetails
Other07/29/12. 09:45 AM.1900 BLOCK OF SPECK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 07:30 AM.7200 BLOCK OF QUIET LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:41 AM.7300 BLOCK OF MAHAFFEY DR NEW PORT RICHEY EASTDetails
Assault07/29/12. 10:32 PM.LECANTO/SAN LUIS PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:38 PM.20500 BLOCK OF SPANISH LA HOLIDAYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:42 PM.7300 BLOCK OF KAUAI LP NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 10:49 PM.CYPRESS KNEE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:58 PM.GLADWIN/COYOTEDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:59 PM.5300 BLOCK OF MOSAIC DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:07 PM.21600 BLOCK OF DRAYCOTT WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 07:03 PM.1800 BLOCK OF ANCLOTE BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest07/29/12. 07:09 PM.7000 BLOCK OF MAPLEHURST DR PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:07 PM.18400 BLOCK OF FISH LP PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:08 PM.1400 BLOCK OF SOLAR DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:21 PM.SR 52/LA MADERA BAYONET POINTDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:31 PM.10400 BLOCK OF LEANING OAK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:32 PM.9900 BLOCK OF US 19 JASMINE ESTATESDetails
Other07/29/12. 04:32 AM.37400 BLOCK OF ACORN LP DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 04:43 AM.9700 BLOCK OF PAT ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 04:49 AM.8500 BLOCK OF WOODCREST DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 04:58 AM.14TH/LOCK DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 05:17 AM.3300 BLOCK OF ALLANDALE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:42 AM.15100 BLOCK OF HILL RD DADE CITYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:37 PM.7500 BLOCK OF JASMINE BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:45 PM.8400 BLOCK OF MONARCH DR PORT RICHEYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:48 PM.38800 BLOCK OF PATTI LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 11:58 PM.4500 BLOCK OF BELFAST DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 06:46 PM.LOCK/15TH DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:53 PM.1300 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Shooting07/29/12. 06:54 PM.10500 BLOCK OF WILDERNESS PARK BLVDetails
Other07/29/12. 06:54 PM.TROUBLE CREEK/CECELIADetails
Theft07/29/12. 10:00 AM.5700 BLOCK OF ACROPOLIS LA NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Burglary07/29/12. 10:04 AM.4700 BLOCK OF MILL RUN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:22 AM.4300 BLOCK OF PLAZA DR HOLIDAYDetails
Assault07/29/12. 10:29 AM.37600 BLOCK OF GEIGER RD ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Assault07/29/12. 02:08 PM.7500 BLOCK OF BRAMBLEWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Shooting07/29/12. 02:10 PM.9400 BLOCK OF US 301 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism07/29/12. 02:12 PM.14800 BLOCK OF BATTENWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:42 AM.4700 BLOCK OF ALPS WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other07/29/12. 10:47 AM.19900 BLOCK OF LAKE PATIENCE RD LAND O' LAKESDetails
Assault07/29/12. 11:09 AM.37600 BLOCK OF GEIGER RD ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Other07/29/12. 02:31 PM.1100 BLOCK OF LANDAU ST PASCO COUNTYDetails

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