Pasco County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 01/06/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther01/06/12. 04:10 PM.PORTOLA PASCO COUNTYDetails
BOther01/06/12. 04:03 PM.10400 BLOCK OF LAMSON RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
COther01/06/12. 03:55 PM.2400 BLOCK OF ROSEHAVEN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
DOther01/06/12. 03:54 PM.16000 BLOCK OF KEMPER DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
EOther01/06/12. 01:41 PM.DEEB/RIDGE PORT RICHEYDetails
FOther01/06/12. 01:37 PM.5700 BLOCK OF LAND O LAKES BLV LAND O' LAKESDetails
GTheft01/06/12. 01:34 PM.4100 BLOCK OF TRANSUE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
HVandalism01/06/12. 01:34 PM.1300 BLOCK OF HUNTSVILLE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
KAssault01/06/12. 01:28 PM.10100 BLOCK OF CURLEY RD CENTRAL PASCODetails
LOther01/06/12. 08:38 AM.6300 BLOCK OF MIDLAND ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
MBurglary01/06/12. 08:31 AM.3400 BLOCK OF HUNTING CREEK LP NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
NOther01/06/12. 08:27 AM.3700 BLOCK OF WINDHAM DR BEACON SQUAREDetails
OOther01/06/12. 08:12 AM.13700 BLOCK OF ROYSTON BEND PASCO COUNTYDetails
PAssault01/06/12. 03:44 PM.9500 BLOCK OF CARDY ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
QOther01/06/12. 03:43 PM.4300 BLOCK OF PLAZA DR HOLIDAYDetails
ROther01/06/12. 03:40 PM.11700 BLOCK OF US 19 BAYONET POINTDetails
SShooting01/06/12. 03:35 PM.CELCUS/BASSWOOD PASCO COUNTYDetails
TTheft01/06/12. 03:33 PM.9800 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD JASMINE ESTATESDetails
UTheft01/06/12. 11:10 AM.14000 BLOCK OF US 19 HUDSONDetails
VAssault01/06/12. 11:07 AM.4600 BLOCK OF ROWE DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
WTheft01/06/12. 11:06 AM.6100 BLOCK OF HARRIET PASCO COUNTYDetails
XVandalism01/06/12. 11:02 AM.11800 BLOCK OF TEE TIME CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
YOther01/06/12. 06:17 AM.PHOENIX/LANDAU PASCO COUNTYDetails
ZOther01/06/12. 06:12 AM.6500 BLOCK OF DEEB ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 01:20 PM.9700 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 01:14 PM.15800 BLOCK OF US 19 PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 01:11 PM.6700 BLOCK OF SR 54 NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 01:10 PM.HILLBROOK ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:59 PM.15900 BLOCK OF LEMACK RD DADE CITYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 07:58 PM.8300 BLOCK OF CONGRESS ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:49 PM.34700 BLOCK OF MISSIONARY RD DADE CITYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 07:47 PM.15700 BLOCK OF LARRY RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 07:46 PM.8900 BLOCK OF US 19 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:30 AM.FIREBRICK PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 11:27 AM.7100 BLOCK OF SR 52 BAYONET POINTDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 11:24 AM.35000 BLOCK OF GLOSSON CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 11:20 AM.5100 BLOCK OF HILL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 10:43 AM.6100 BLOCK OF SPRINGER DR PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 10:43 AM.6300 BLOCK OF TABOGI TRL PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:43 AM.FORT KINGDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 10:39 AM.7400 BLOCK OF BALTUSROL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:36 AM.DELLEFIELD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:35 AM.37000 BLOCK OF OAK ARBOUR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:58 PM.SEELEY/SERPENTINE HUDSONDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:24 PM.9000 BLOCK OF SR 52 PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:15 PM.SR 52/PIERCE LAKE CENTRAL PASCODetails
Other01/06/12. 11:54 PM.PLATHE/LITTLE NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:50 PM.4400 BLOCK OF CLAY ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:34 PM.17200 BLOCK OF SPRING VALLEY RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:25 PM.NORMANDY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 11:23 PM.10600 BLOCK OF BENSON ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:17 PM.COLLIER/WEEKS LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:54 AM.7600 BLOCK OF GULF HIGHLANDS DR PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:52 AM.28200 BLOCK OF PASEO DR WESLEY CHAPELDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 11:51 AM.1700 BLOCK OF OVERVIEW DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:45 AM.RAINTREE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 11:37 AM.14900 BLOCK OF ROSCO ST DADE CITYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:57 PM.8600 BLOCK OF ROBILINA RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 12:38 PM.4000 BLOCK OF SAVAGE STATION CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:13 PM.WHIPPOORWILL SPRING HILLDetails
Shooting01/06/12. 09:04 PM.BRIGHTWELL/FLORA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:57 PM.7100 BLOCK OF FORBES RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:34 PM.6800 BLOCK OF MANOR BEACH RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:29 PM.CR 54/WIRE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:27 PM.13600 BLOCK OF 13TH ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:06 PM.38400 BLOCK OF VENUS AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:05 PM.LITTLE LAKE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:41 PM.8600 BLOCK OF SCHRADER BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:36 PM.5700 BLOCK OF BEECH ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:32 PM.WILLOW LAKES PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:24 PM.4100 BLOCK OF PARKWAY BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:00 AM.1600 BLOCK OF DALE MABRY HWY LUTZDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:59 AM.7900 BLOCK OF SR 52 HUDSONDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 07:59 AM.6400 BLOCK OF TRALEE AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 07:50 AM.8200 BLOCK OF ROYAL HART DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:35 AM.99900 BLOCK OF OUT OF COUNTY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:57 PM.3600 BLOCK OF ODOM DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:49 PM.1700 BLOCK OF BAILLIES BLUFF RD HOLIDAYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:35 PM.35400 BLOCK OF LAKE RAY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:13 PM.21ST/FRAZEE HILL DADE CITY NORTHDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:12 PM.14000 BLOCK OF FIVAY RD HUDSONDetails
Theft01/06/12. 05:05 PM.4100 BLOCK OF SCARLET MAPLE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:59 PM.1600 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:58 PM.10300 BLOCK OF COPPERWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:04 PM.7200 BLOCK OF BROADMOOR DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:03 PM.9900 BLOCK OF HUDSON AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 01:52 PM.OLD CR 54/SAWGRASS NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Shooting01/06/12. 01:50 PM.37300 BLOCK OF DESROSIER RD DADE CITYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 01:49 PM.6400 BLOCK OF BEACH BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 01:47 PM.6300 BLOCK OF 20TH ST ZEPHYRHILLS NORTHDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 01:45 PM.11300 BLOCK OF US 19 BAYONET POINTDetails
Assault01/06/12. 08:49 PM.3900 BLOCK OF RIPPLE CT NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 08:44 PM.4600 BLOCK OF CONTINENTAL DR HOLIDAYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:44 PM.2200 BLOCK OF COLLIER PKW LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:31 PM.BRUCE B DOWNSDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:29 PM.16400 BLOCK OF ASHINGTON LA PORT RICHEYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 05:27 PM.14000 BLOCK OF FIVAY RD HUDSONDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:26 PM.US 19/SR 52 PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:22 PM.ROSE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 05:21 PM.2500 BLOCK OF BLOSSOM LAKE DR HOLIDAYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 05:18 PM.4600 BLOCK OF STENGAL LP PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:53 PM.1000 BLOCK OF BAILLIES BLUFF RD HOLIDAYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:48 PM.18900 BLOCK OF US 19 HUDSONDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:47 PM.12100 BLOCK OF EMMAUS CEMETERY RD SAN ANTONIODetails
Other01/06/12. 10:46 PM.7200 BLOCK OF SAN SALVADORE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:43 PM.8700 BLOCK OF CONGRESS ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 09:10 AM.4200 BLOCK OF ONORIO ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 09:09 AM.9300 BLOCK OF SR 54 NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:07 AM.7000 BLOCK OF OAKSHIRE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 08:47 AM.7400 BLOCK OF BALTUSROL DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:23 PM.1800 BLOCK OF HOLIDAY DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 02:22 PM.LLOYD BEACON SQUAREDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 02:22 PM.5300 BLOCK OF WELLFIELD RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 02:20 PM.7600 BLOCK OF MARECHAL AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 02:20 PM.7800 BLOCK OF HAMLET DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 02:19 PM.16400 BLOCK OF SPRING VALLEY RD DADE CITYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 02:15 PM.34300 BLOCK OF COUNTRYSIDE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 02:13 PM.5300 BLOCK OF WELLFIELD RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 07:42 PM.MATTOON PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:41 PM.7200 BLOCK OF ROCKWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 07:40 PM.ST THOMAS PASCO COUNTYDetails
Shooting01/06/12. 07:37 PM.LOCK/MARION PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 07:37 PM.4800 BLOCK OF MILL RUN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:16 PM.12800 BLOCK OF PLACID RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:03 PM.4200 BLOCK OF GLISSADE DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:56 PM.36900 BLOCK OF SUMMERS RIDGE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 06:54 PM.9900 BLOCK OF GRACE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:47 PM.6300 BLOCK OF JESSUP DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:39 PM.7700 BLOCK OF FOXBLOOM DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:32 PM.10200 BLOCK OF RAINBOW OAKS DR HUDSONDetails
Other01/06/12. 08:32 PM.SR 54/LIVINGSTON LAND O' LAKESDetails
Assault01/06/12. 08:28 PM.29600 BLOCK OF SR 52 SAN ANTONIODetails
Other01/06/12. 03:14 PM.11300 BLOCK OF ALTOONA AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:13 PM.11300 BLOCK OF ALTOONA AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 02:57 PM.HILLBROOK ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:26 PM.4500 BLOCK OF COTTONWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:22 PM.8500 BLOCK OF OLD CR 54 PORT RICHEYDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 04:21 PM.13100 BLOCK OF SQUIRE CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 04:19 PM.CALVIN/HOOPER PASCO COUNTYDetails
Shooting01/06/12. 04:16 PM.34400 BLOCK OF SR 54 ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Theft01/06/12. 04:14 PM.7200 BLOCK OF VALLEY CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:13 PM.CREWS LAKE/LENWAY SHADY HILLSDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:54 PM.7100 BLOCK OF 23RD ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:48 PM.9600 BLOCK OF US 19 JASMINE ESTATESDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:43 PM.11300 BLOCK OF ALTOONA AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:41 PM.22600 BLOCK OF NEFF CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 04:40 PM.7400 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 02:53 PM.6400 BLOCK OF BUTTE AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 02:50 PM.4100 BLOCK OF KNOLLPOINT DR WESLEY CHAPELDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:49 PM.26500 BLOCK OF WESLEY CHAPEL BLV LUTZDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:48 PM.LITTLEDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:48 PM.SR 54/MAGNOLIA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 10:32 AM.7600 BLOCK OF LAKESIDE WOODLANDS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 10:27 AM.8700 BLOCK OF OLD CR 54 PORT RICHEYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 10:21 AM.4400 BLOCK OF TERRY LP PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:18 AM.5800 BLOCK OF ELKHORN BLV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:14 AM.13700 BLOCK OF MELANIE AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:09 PM.FAIRMOUNT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:07 PM.11200 BLOCK OF DRAPER CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 06:04 PM.5000 BLOCK OF GULF DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 06:01 PM.11900 BLOCK OF US 19 BAYONET POINTDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:47 PM.CONGRESSDetails
Other01/06/12. 05:47 PM.36900 BLOCK OF SUMMERS RIDGE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 05:45 PM.20100 BLOCK OF CENTRAL BLV CENTRAL PASCODetails
Assault01/06/12. 05:40 PM.7800 BLOCK OF PRAIRIE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:38 AM.14100 BLOCK OF FALDO CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 09:32 AM.7100 BLOCK OF WOODIBIS DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:30 AM.7100 BLOCK OF SR 54 NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 09:17 AM.5000 BLOCK OF DRIFT TIDE DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 09:15 AM.7500 BLOCK OF LITTLE RDDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:16 PM.FLORAMAR/TOPSAIL PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:06 PM.IVY CHASE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 11:04 PM.BLUFFVIEW HUDSONDetails
Assault01/06/12. 04:18 AM.1600 BLOCK OF MARENGO DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 03:54 AM.SR 54/HUNT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 06:40 PM.6200 BLOCK OF 13TH AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:40 PM.SR 54/LAND O LAKES LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:33 PM.3000 BLOCK OF US 19 ELFERSDetails
Other01/06/12. 06:28 PM.ROWE/MILL RUN PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 07:13 PM.8600 BLOCK OF BROAD ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 07:11 PM.9800 BLOCK OF LEE ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 07:07 PM.RIDGE PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 07:07 PM.3600 BLOCK OF ODOM DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:32 PM.10900 BLOCK OF ECHO LP PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 12:29 PM.5000 BLOCK OF WINDINGBROOK TRL PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:27 PM.SAND KEY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 12:24 PM.39500 BLOCK OF PATTIE RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:20 PM.4100 BLOCK OF RIDGEFIELD AV BEACON SQUAREDetails
Other01/06/12. 10:06 PM.40800 BLOCK OF LYNBROOK DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 10:00 PM.10300 BLOCK OF MARSHA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 03:32 PM.1600 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 03:31 PM.19200 BLOCK OF ADIRONDACK TER DADE CITYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:26 PM.21100 BLOCK OF FOUNTAIN GARDEN WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 03:26 PM.8300 BLOCK OF LITTLE RD NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:25 PM.GALL/CALVIN ZEPHYRHILLS SOUTHDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 03:24 PM.9800 BLOCK OF SHOLTZ ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 03:22 PM.9100 BLOCK OF BEARCAT RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:22 PM.1800 BLOCK OF US 19 HOLIDAYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 03:22 PM.COLUMNS NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 04:37 PM.4600 BLOCK OF CHARLENE LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 04:35 PM.5600 BLOCK OF VAN DOREN AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:30 PM.FLORAMAR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 10:01 AM.3100 BLOCK OF LAKE PADGETT DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 09:52 AM.4300 BLOCK OF ASHTON MEADOWS WY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:50 AM.3700 BLOCK OF WINDHAM DR BEACON SQUAREDetails
Vandalism01/06/12. 09:50 AM.5500 BLOCK OF WELLFIELD RD PASCO COUNTYDetails
Assault01/06/12. 09:34 PM.2300 BLOCK OF TIOGA DR LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:32 PM.ROHRMAN PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 09:19 PM.6300 BLOCK OF GENTLE BEN CIR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:05 AM.MILE STRETCH/MARY PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:03 AM.6600 BLOCK OF RIDGE TOP DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:03 AM.9600 BLOCK OF REGIMENT CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:46 AM.SR 54/SUNCOAST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/06/12. 02:34 AM.7200 BLOCK OF BUCHANAN DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 02:03 AM.37900 BLOCK OF PUMPKIN AV PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:56 AM.9500 BLOCK OF RIVERCHASE DR NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:52 AM.SR 54/CELTIC NEW PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:50 AM.2600 BLOCK OF PALESTA DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:49 AM.ROWANDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:41 AM.5200 BLOCK OF TUMMEL CT PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:21 AM.6500 BLOCK OF APPLEWOOD DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:13 AM.2700 BLOCK OF GALL BLV ZEPHYRHILLSDetails
Other01/06/12. 04:00 AM.6000 BLOCK OF SAND KEY LA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:54 AM.DALE MABRY/COUNTY LINE LAND O' LAKESDetails
Other01/06/12. 03:48 AM.9100 BLOCK OF BOURBON ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 01:34 AM.5000 BLOCK OF BETMAR DR PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 01:10 AM.15300 BLOCK OF OMAHA ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 01:09 AM.OAKLEY/US 19 BAYONET POINTDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:31 AM.US 19/MILE STRETCH HOLIDAYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:31 AM.38100 BLOCK OF MICHELLE DR DADE CITYDetails
Arrest01/06/12. 12:27 AM.US 19/ARIPEKA PORT RICHEYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:24 AM.ROBILINA PASCO COUNTYDetails
Theft01/06/12. 12:16 AM.10700 BLOCK OF NAPER ST PASCO COUNTYDetails
Other01/06/12. 12:14 AM.WOODBINE/FIVAY HUDSONDetails

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