Palm Beach County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 09/09/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft09/09/12. 09:10 PM.100 BLOCK OF MAIN BELLE GLADEDetails
BOther09/09/12. 08:02 PM.100 BLOCK OF QUEENS ROYAL PALM BEACHDetails
CTheft09/09/12. 01:21 PM.10300 BLOCK OF FOREST HILL WELLINGTONDetails
DOther09/09/12. 06:57 PM.1100 BLOCK OF 45TH MANGONIA PARKDetails
EVandalism09/09/12. 04:53 AM.1100 BLOCK OF E LAKE WORTHDetails
FTheft09/09/12. 09:09 AM.1200 BLOCK OF L LAKE WORTHDetails
GAssault09/09/12. 03:37 AM.12100 BLOCK OF US HIGHWAY 1 PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
HOther09/09/12. 04:12 PM.14000 BLOCK OF GREENBRIAR WELLINGTONDetails
IVandalism09/09/12. 09:04 AM.15900 BLOCK OF COLLECTING CANAL LOXDetails
JTheft09/09/12. 03:33 PM.1600 BLOCK OF FOREST LAKES PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
KOther09/09/12. 07:10 PM.1600 BLOCK OF J LAKE WORTHDetails
LOther09/09/12. 08:23 PM.1800 BLOCK OF CAPESIDE WELLINGTONDetails
MVandalism09/09/12. 03:21 AM.200 BLOCK OF 2ND BELLE GLADEDetails
NTheft09/09/12. 04:21 PM.2000 BLOCK OF POLO GARDENS WELLINGTONDetails
OTheft09/09/12. 01:12 PM.2800 BLOCK OF GARDEN PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
POther09/09/12. 12:40 AM.3300 BLOCK OF CAPRI PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
QOther09/09/12. 10:06 AM.400 BLOCK OF DIXIE LAKE WORTHDetails
ROther09/09/12. 08:26 PM.4200 BLOCK OF D ESTE PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
SArrest09/09/12. 11:19 PM.4500 BLOCK OF CONGRESS PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
TAssault09/09/12. 02:41 PM.4600 BLOCK OF GUN CLUB PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
UShooting09/09/12. 08:17 PM.4700 BLOCK OF ORLEANS PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
VVandalism09/09/12. 03:54 AM.500 BLOCK OF 16TH BELLE GLADEDetails
WOther09/09/12. 11:19 PM.5100 BLOCK OF ERIKA PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
XAssault09/09/12. 11:46 AM.5700 BLOCK OF RUE PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
YOther09/09/12. 02:01 PM.5800 BLOCK OF LINCOLN PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
ZAssault09/09/12. 09:30 PM.600 BLOCK OF DIXIE LAKE WORTHDetails
Vandalism09/09/12. 10:35 AM.600 BLOCK OF N LAKE WORTHDetails
Theft09/09/12. 02:00 AM.6300 BLOCK OF LANTANA PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
Theft09/09/12. 12:36 PM.6300 BLOCK OF PRESTWICK PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
Vandalism09/09/12. 12:26 PM.6400 BLOCK OF LINTON PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
Theft09/09/12. 11:07 AM.6500 BLOCK OF HYPOLUXO PALM BEACH COUNTYDetails
Vandalism09/09/12. 04:02 PM.700 BLOCK OF F LAKE WORTHDetails
Vandalism09/09/12. 04:27 PM.900 BLOCK OF HIBISCUS ROYAL PALM BEACHDetails
Other09/09/12. 12:31 PM.900 BLOCK OF LAKE LAKE WORTHDetails
Theft09/09/12. 03:27 PM.900 BLOCK OF STATE ROAD 7 WELLINGTONDetails

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