Martin County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 09/09/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther09/09/12. 10:06 PM.16300 BLOCK OF SW FAMEL AV INDIANTOWNDetails
BTheft09/09/12. 09:39 PM.800 BLOCK OF SE MONTEREY RD #A STUARTDetails
DOther09/09/12. 08:43 PM.3400 BLOCK OF SE JEFFERSON ST STUARTDetails
EBurglary09/09/12. 08:24 PM.3900 BLOCK OF NE INDIAN RIVER DR JENSEN BEACHDetails
FAssault09/09/12. 07:56 PM.4600 BLOCK OF SE AZIMUTH WY STUARTDetails
GAssault09/09/12. 07:36 PM.2800 BLOCK OF SE ELLENDALE STDetails
HOther09/09/12. 07:18 PM.3500 BLOCK OF SW THISTLEWOOD LN PALM CITYDetails
IOther09/09/12. 07:13 PM.5800 BLOCK OF SE FEDERAL HY PORT SALERNODetails
JArrest09/09/12. 06:42 PM.4200 BLOCK OF SE COVE LAKE CR #107Details
KOther09/09/12. 06:35 PM.E HIDDEN BRIDGE CT/SE ISLAND WYDetails
LOther09/09/12. 06:22 PM.00 BLOCK OF N SEWALLS POINT RD STUARTDetails
MTheft09/09/12. 06:12 PM.3500 BLOCK OF NW FEDERAL HY JENSEN BEACHDetails
NOther09/09/12. 05:28 PM.5400 BLOCK OF SE DRIFTWOOD AV PORT SALERNODetails
OOther09/09/12. 05:20 PM.5700 BLOCK OF SE MITZI LN STUARTDetails
POther09/09/12. 05:10 PM.E EDISON AV/SE MADISON STDetails
QVandalism09/09/12. 05:01 PM.4100 BLOCK OF SE LINCOLN ST STUARTDetails
ROther09/09/12. 04:49 PM.5400 BLOCK OF SE PINE AVDetails
SOther09/09/12. 04:44 PM.2600 BLOCK OF NW FEDERAL HY STUARTDetails
TOther09/09/12. 04:36 PM.8400 BLOCK OF SE HASLOM ST HOBE SOUNDDetails
UOther09/09/12. 03:30 PM.8400 BLOCK OF SW SPRINGHAVEN AV INDIANTOWNDetails
VOther09/09/12. 02:35 PM.2700 BLOCK OF SW MARTIN DOWNS BL PALM CITYDetails
WOther09/09/12. 02:27 PM.5200 BLOCK OF SE PRIMROSE WY STUARTDetails
XOther09/09/12. 01:54 PM.2400 BLOCK OF SE FEDERAL HY STUARTDetails
YTheft09/09/12. 01:22 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SE MACARTHUR BL STUARTDetails
ZOther09/09/12. 01:13 PM.1500 BLOCK OF SE RIVERSIDE DR STUARTDetails
Theft09/09/12. 01:06 PM.700 BLOCK OF SE CHURCH ST STUARTDetails
Assault09/09/12. 12:59 PM.6100 BLOCK OF SE RIVERBOAT DR STUARTDetails
Other09/09/12. 12:43 PM.3500 BLOCK OF SW ARMELLINI AV PALM CITYDetails
Other09/09/12. 12:30 PM.00 BLOCK OF NE MACARTHUR BL STUARTDetails
Other09/09/12. 11:51 AM.1400 BLOCK OF SE LEGACY COVE CR STUARTDetails
Other09/09/12. 11:14 AM.11400 BLOCK OF SE FEDERAL HY #98 HOBE SOUNDDetails
Other09/09/12. 10:16 AM.E GOMEZ AV/SE SABAL ST HOBE SOUNDDetails
Other09/09/12. 10:07 AM.20600 BLOCK OF SW FARM RDDetails
Other09/09/12. 09:52 AM.E CROSSRIP ST/SE GOMEZ AV HOBE SOUNDDetails
Other09/09/12. 09:50 AM.16400 BLOCK OF SE FEDERAL HY HOBE SOUNDDetails
Other09/09/12. 09:04 AM.13000 BLOCK OF SE HOBE HILLS DR HOBE SOUNDDetails
Other09/09/12. 08:31 AM.1300 BLOCK OF SW ULMUS PL PALM CITYDetails
Other09/09/12. 08:19 AM.25500 BLOCK OF SW TOMMY CLEMENTS ST INDIANTOWNDetails
Other09/09/12. 08:02 AM.1600 BLOCK OF SW 31ST TER PALM CITYDetails
Other09/09/12. 05:25 AM.9000 BLOCK OF SW OLD ROYAL DRDetails
Burglary09/09/12. 04:56 AM.900 BLOCK OF SW TAMARROW PL STUARTDetails
Other09/09/12. 03:17 AM.1600 BLOCK OF NE DIXIE HY JENSEN BEACHDetails
Other09/09/12. 03:02 AM.14900 BLOCK OF SW INDIAN AV INDIANTOWNDetails
Other09/09/12. 02:59 AM.3300 BLOCK OF SE SALERNO RD MARTIN COUNTYDetails
Other09/09/12. 02:36 AM.E DELMAR ST/SE DIXIE HYDetails
Other09/09/12. 02:29 AM.E BONITA ST/SE DIXIE HYDetails
Other09/09/12. 02:23 AM.W 151ST ST/SW INDIAN AV INDIANTOWNDetails
Other09/09/12. 02:02 AM.15700 BLOCK OF SW WARFIELD BL INDIANTOWNDetails
Other09/09/12. 01:47 AM.7700 BLOCK OF SW RATTLESNAKE RUN RD PALM CITYDetails
Other09/09/12. 01:11 AM.00 BLOCK OF SW MONTEREY RDDetails
Other09/09/12. 01:05 AM.2900 BLOCK OF SW LAUREN WY PALM CITYDetails
Other09/09/12. 01:02 AM.E AMHERST ST/SE DURANT AVDetails
Other09/09/12. 12:31 AM.15400 BLOCK OF SW WARFIELD BL INDIANTOWNDetails

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