Citrus County, FL Daily Crime Reports - 08/18/2010

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft08/18/10. 01:18 AM.200 BLOCK OF W BAKER PL CITRUS SPRINGSDetails
BBurglary08/18/10. 06:09 AM.11900 BLOCK OF N GOLDENDALE AV DUNNELLONDetails
CBurglary08/18/10. 03:47 PM.2600 BLOCK OF W HAMLET PL CITRUS SPRINGSDetails
DBurglary08/18/10. 08:06 AM.4200 BLOCK OF N ASHTON TE CRYSTAL RIVERDetails
EVandalism08/18/10. 11:35 AM.00 BLOCK OF CIVIC CI BEVERLY HILLSDetails
FTheft08/18/10. 08:56 PM.00 BLOCK OF S JEFFERSON ST BEVERLY HILLSDetails
GTheft08/18/10. 10:21 AM.3600 BLOCK OF N LECANTO HY LECANTODetails
HBurglary08/18/10. 10:39 AM.4200 BLOCK OF E WYOMING LN HERNANDODetails
IBurglary08/18/10. 06:06 PM.1100 BLOCK OF N FOXRUN TE INVERNESSDetails
JAssault08/18/10. 05:05 PM.2400 BLOCK OF E GULF TO LAKE HW INVERNESSDetails
KArrest08/18/10. 11:40 AM.3800 BLOCK OF W EDUCATIONAL PA LECANTODetails
LAssault08/18/10. 11:41 AM.3800 BLOCK OF W EDUCATIONAL PA LECANTODetails
MTheft08/18/10. 07:33 AM.900 BLOCK OF S 41 HY INVERNESSDetails
NBurglary08/18/10. 11:04 AM.3800 BLOCK OF W WHIPPOORWILL ST LECANTODetails
OBurglary08/18/10. 10:34 AM.4600 BLOCK OF W MEADOW ST HOMOSASSADetails
PTheft08/18/10. 09:21 AM.7500 BLOCK OF W MISS MAGGIE DR HOMOSASSADetails
QTheft08/18/10. 11:59 AM.7600 BLOCK OF W HOMOSASSA TRL HOMOSASSADetails
RArrest08/18/10. 04:48 PM.10400 BLOCK OF W YULEE DR HOMOSASSADetails
STheft08/18/10. 07:55 PM.6100 BLOCK OF S PREMIERE AV HOMOSASSADetails

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