New Castle County, DE Daily Crime Reports - 11/20/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft11/20/11. 0-99 WATERTON DR RED LION CHASEDetails
BTheft11/20/11. 1900-1999 FAIRFIELD DR WESTWOOD MANORDetails
CBurglary11/20/11. 200-299 W EDGEWATER WY FOUR SEASONS TWNHSESDetails
EVandalism11/20/11. 300-399 SINGLE AV COLLINS PARKDetails
FBurglary11/20/11. 2600-2699 HERITAGE FARM DR HERITAGE PARKDetails
GTheft11/20/11. 1000-1099 VININGS WY VININGS AT CHRISTIANADetails
HVandalism11/20/11. 0-99 SARATOGA DR PENNWOODDetails
ITheft11/20/11. 0-99 BRIGHTON AV BRACK EXDetails
JVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 SOUTH PL COLLINS PARKDetails
KVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 SINGLE AV COLLINS PARKDetails
LTheft11/20/11. 100-199 MONTICELLO RD FAIRFAXDetails
MBurglary11/20/11. 2500-2599 ST JAMES CHURCH RD VILLAGE OF LINDELLDetails
NTheft11/20/11. 200-299 BECKS WOODS DR VILLAGE OF BECKS PONDDetails
OTheft11/20/11. 200-299 SHEATS LA SUMMIT FARMSDetails
PVandalism11/20/11. 800-899 WILLINGS WY ASHTON CONDOSDetails
QTheft11/20/11. 0-99 ST JOHN DR DUNLINDEN ACRESDetails
RTheft11/20/11. 3700-3799 CENTERVILLE RD NON-DEVELOPEMENTDetails
SVandalism11/20/11. 100-199 BLUE HEN RD COLLINS PARKDetails
TVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 KEISER PL COLLINS PARKDetails
UVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 MAY AV COLLINS PARKDetails
VVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 SHETLAND DR CHADDWYCKDetails
WBurglary11/20/11. 300-399 WOODLAWN RD NON-DEVELOPEMENTDetails
XTheft11/20/11. 100-199 WOODGREEN RD RADNOR WOODSDetails
YVandalism11/20/11. 200-299 BLUE HEN RD COLLINS PARKDetails
ZTheft11/20/11. 100-199 AUCKLAND DR BRIARGATE TWNHSESDetails
Burglary11/20/11. 2200-2299 ST FRANCIS ST VILLAGE OF LINDELLDetails
Theft11/20/11. 300-399 SHIPLEY RD CHATEAU ORLEANS APTSDetails
Vandalism11/20/11. 600-699 MOORES LA COLONIAL VILLAGE NORTH APTSDetails
Robbery11/20/11. 1400-1499 NEWPORT RD BELVEDEREDetails

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