03/03/2008 04:00 AM.
Knoxville (WVLT) - Knoxville Police are looking for a Vestal man wanted in connection with a shooting Monday evening. Jimmy Houston Beaver is wanted by police in connection with a shooting on drive E in the Vestal Community. Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has the details. The victim, is 24-year-old Vincent Willis. He's at UT Medical Center with three gunshot wounds. He knew his shooter, and now police are wanting to question Jimmy Houston Beaver. "They do know each other, and it was settled with gunfire," said Knoxville Police Lieutenant Bob Wooldridge. It happened at the intersection of drive E and Cleage Street. Neighbors say Jimmy Houston Beaver and Vincent Willis got into a fight in the middle of the street. "They was arguing probably about five minutes, and fighting's there on the ground 5 minutes, then he went there in his car and started shooting off rounds," neighbor Glen Loveday said. Vincent Willis is in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. "On arrival we did find white male victim who had been shot three times, once in the back, once in the foot and once in the lower abdomen," Wooldridge said. And now police are looking for Jimmy Houston Beaver. He was last seen driving away in a white Ford Thunderbird. Houston's white Ford Thunderbird has a license plate 679-PQX. He's considered armed and dangerous and if you have any information on his whereabouts call police. UT Medical Center is not releasing Vincent Willis' condition.

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