10/06/2012 10:41 PM.
INTOXICATION. mental subj / subj is being combative with the rp / 24 yof / 22:43:32 10/06/2012 - Widner K RP ADVSD xxxx IS INTOX AND OUT OF CONTROL WANTING TO DRIVE BUT RP SAID SHE IS CURRENTLY IN HER BEDROOM 22:44:04 10/06/2012 - Widner K NO WEAPONS JUST INTOXICATED TRYING TO START PROBLEMS RP xxxx xxxx 509 823 xxxx 23:17:59 10/06/2012 - Trickey A ON CALL BACK xxxx xxxx SAID HER DAUGHTER IS OUT OF CONTROL, HAS HIT BOTH PARENTS, NO INJURY//FIREARMS IN THE HOSUE BUT THE SUBJ DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THEM Case number: 12C14841.

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