10/05/2012 07:10 PM.
THREATS. LANG LINE-SPANISH SPEAKER 19:12:03 10/05/2012 - Smith L THREATS 19:13:07 10/05/2012 - Smith L RP ADV EX-ROOMATE IS COMING TO ABOVE LOC 19:13:10 10/05/2012 - Smith L MAKING THREATS 19:13:27 10/05/2012 - Smith L SUBJ WANTS TO MOVE BACK IN 19:13:59 10/05/2012 - Smith L SUBJ YELLING PROFANITIES AT RP 19:14:30 10/05/2012 - Smith L RP NOT ANSWERING QUESTIONS 19:14:42 10/05/2012 - Smith L SUBJ NO LONGER AT ABOVE LOC 19:14:55 10/05/2012 - Smith L REQ OFCR 19:15:44 10/05/2012 - Smith L SUBJS DRIVE A WHT VAN LIC#UNK Case number: 12C14774.

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