10/05/2012 12:32 AM.
On 10/05/12 at approximately 0032 hrs members of the Frederick Police Department's Street Crimes Unit responded to a disorderly situation at 1208 Ardmore Ct. Upon arrival OFC Irons made contact with the complainant, Jonathan Horne. While speaking to Horne at the door leading to his apartment OFC Irons detected a strong odor of CDS coming from the apartment. Based on this odor the apartment was seized and all of the apartment's occupants were detained. Members of the Frederick Police Department's Drug Enforcement Unit assisted by obtained a search and seizure warrant for the apartment. Upon service of the warrant three residents were arrested on various drug charges. Individuals arrested: Jonathan M. Horne (DOB, 06/12/90) Philip L. Schmidt (DOB, 11/07/87) Joseph A. Vitale (DOB, 02/28/88) Arresting officer: OFC M. Irons #349 NAC: 8 For additional information contact: Sgt. P. Beliveau #329 @ 301-600-4102 View Source.

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Police make arrest for indecent exposure

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