Other - 16XX THORP RD; # 16, WAPATO, WA

10/03/2012 09:42 PM.
DOMESTIC. Domestic 21:42:50 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D rp adv she is having probs with her bf xxxx xxxx 3-26-63 21:43:02 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D adv he was damaging the house 21:43:21 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D spanish speaker only 21:43:35 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D adv he is gathering items to leave 21:44:06 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D no weapons, no intox 21:44:41 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D not physical 21:45:02 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D male drive is a small 4dr drk blu veh unk lic# 21:45:57 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D rp adv he took her phone show she is on his 21:46:41 10/03/2012 - Ramirez D rp adv to keep herself safe and cb if anything changes, was also adv to hang on to this phone since he took hers 21:47:38 10/03/2012 - Conger L NO WANTS OR ORDERS ON MALE WITH THE INFO OBTAINED BY 911 BUT NO DOL RETURN Case number: 12C14682.

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