09/30/2012 04:20 PM.
DOMESTIC. ROOM MATE DOMESTIC 16:21:48 09/30/2012 - Garcia S RP STATES HER AND HER ROOM MATE ARE IN AN ARGUMENT AND THE ROOM MATE IS TRYING TO THROW HER OUT BY THE END OF TODAY NOW 16:22:47 09/30/2012 - Garcia S *RP IS NOT AT LOCATION NOW SHE'S GONE TO 191 MAPLE WAY RD IN SELAH 16:22:57 09/30/2012 - Garcia S RP WILL STAND BY THERE TO AVOID ROOMMATE 16:23:15 09/30/2012 - Garcia S THE ROOMMATE IS Xxxx xxxx AND xxxx xxxx 16:24:19 09/30/2012 - Garcia S RP JUST HAD SURGERY UNABLE TO MOVE HER BELONGINGS 16:25:26 09/30/2012 - Garcia S DV OCCURRED AT 1841 SELAH LOOP RD Case number: 12C14525.

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