09/27/2012 05:58 PM.
DOMESTIC. DOMESTIC 17:59:21 09/27/2012 - Hansen W RP ADV A CLIENT CAME IN ADV HER HUSBAND THREATNED HER FIRST NAME xxxx 18:00:20 09/27/2012 - Hansen W HUSBAND IS xxxx xxxx DOB/UNK 88YO 18:00:38 09/27/2012 - Hansen W RP IS 80 ADV MALE THREATNED TO KILL HER 18:00:56 09/27/2012 - Hansen W ADV THEY LIVE AT 1560 NACHES HEIGHTS RD 18:01:06 09/27/2012 - Hansen W xxxxx xxxx 18:05:49 09/27/2012 - Trickey A RP IS xxxx xxxx 2-12-32, ADVSD HER HUSBAND THREATENED TO KILL HER WHEN SHE WAS AT HOME//RP DOES NOT KNOW HER ADDRESS BUT SAYS SHE LIVES ON THE NACHES-TIETON RD Case number: 12C14337.

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