09/23/2012 08:26 PM.
DOMESTIC. REQ FOR OFCR 20:27:27 09/23/2012 - Smith L NO MEDICAL NEEDED 20:28:20 09/23/2012 - Ibarra Val RP ADV FEM xxxx ASSAULTED HER AND IS REFUSING TO LEAVE, RP ADV xxxx PUNCHED HER IN THE CHEST 3X AND SLAPPED HER ACROSS THE FACE 20:28:44 09/23/2012 - Ibarra Val RP IS xxxx 20:28:49 09/23/2012 - Ibarra Val NO MEDICAL NEEDED 20:34:19 09/23/2012 - Ibarra Val RP ADV SHE CAN GO TO A DIFF LOC, ADV WE WOULD SEND SOMEONE BUT TO CALL US IF SHE MAKES IT TO HER OTHER RES, NO ONE HBD 20:44:29 09/23/2012 - Ibarra Val RP CTC NUM 360-934-xxxx Call type l reopened by Ibarra Val at 22:04:17 09/23/12 Case number: 12C14141.

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