09/21/2012 10:26 PM.
DRUGS. 22:29:36 09/21/2012 - Smith L ABDN 22:29:38 09/21/2012 - Smith L ATMPT CB 22:30:05 09/21/2012 - Smith L X1-NO ANSWER 22:30:29 09/21/2012 - Smith L X2-NO ANSWER 22:30:31 09/21/2012 - Smith L NO VERIF LOX 22:30:55 09/21/2012 - Smith L **DISREGARD NO VERIF LOX COMMENT 22:31:13 09/21/2012 - Smith L RP CB ADV REQ OFCR - ADV BROTHER HAS DRUGS ON HIM 22:33:22 09/21/2012 - Davis H MOTHER FOUND MARIJUANA ON HER SON XXXX 18 YO/SON NOT BEING COOPERATIVE AND CAN BE HEARD YELLING IN THE BACKGROUND Case number: 12C14040.

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