09/21/2012 07:24 PM.
BURGLARY. 19:24:54 09/21/2012 - Wells J burg 19:24:58 09/21/2012 - Wells J poss susp info 19:26:06 09/21/2012 - Trickey A COLD BURG//RP IS XXXX 833-XXXX 19:29:09 09/21/2012 - Trickey A RP ADVSD THERE WERE SUBJ ON THE PROPERTY AT 1200 HRS IN AN OLDER GRY FORD, THE VEH WAS OCC X2 AND THERE WERE 2 SUBJ OUT OF THE CAR BY A WINDOW OF THE HOUSE//RP TOUGHT THEY WERE NATIVE, UNK IF THESE SUBJ ARE SUSPECTS Case number: 12C14030.

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