09/20/2012 07:23 PM.
DOMESTIC. RP IS xxxx AND SAID HER HUSBAND PUSHED HER DOWN ON THE FLOOR//RP LEFT THE HOUSE AND IS STANDING OUT ON THE RD//THE MALE LEFT IN A RED MAZDA 3 19:25:23 09/20/2012 - Trickey A NO INTOX///UNK WEAPONS IN THE HOUSE 19:25:51 09/20/2012 - Trickey A RP IS NOW IN HER SIL OLDS ALERO PCAR DOWN THE RD FROM THE HOUSE 19:25:57 09/20/2012 - Conger L MALE ALSO CALLED, STTS FEMALE ATTEMPTED TO PUNCH HIM, HE THEN STATES HE PUSHED HER OUT OF HOUSE 19:26:03 09/20/2012 - Trickey A 509-949-xxxx/RP 19:26:22 09/20/2012 - Trickey A xxxx 19:26:30 09/20/2012 - Trickey A xxxx 19:26:50 09/20/2012 - Trickey A MEDICAL RUFUSED 19:27:09 09/20/2012 - Trickey A MALE LAST SEEN DRIVING DOWN NACHES AVE//UNK WHERE HE IS GOING Case number: 12C13980.

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