09/20/2012 07:23 PM.
Shoplifting suspect apprehended a few blocks from the scene of the crime On 09/20/12 at approximately1923 hours officers were dispatched to Family Dollar for a theft in progress. Officer Weaver arrived on scene and was advised that a black male left the store with a bag of clothing. A description of the suspect was broadcast over the police radio. In the area of S. Jefferson Street and W. South Street Officer Weaver observer a new looking Family Dollar bag that was full hanging on a bicycle. He contacted the owner of the bicycle and asked about the Family Dollar bag? The suspect responded “yeah I stole it I don’t have any money for clothes”. A show up was also conducted and the clerk positively identified the subject as the thief. The suspect was searched incident to arrest and a large non folding style knife was located in his pocket. The suspect was transported to Central Booking for processing. Arrestee: Michael Angelo Jones 11/26.1966 No fixed Address Charges: -Theft -Did wear and carry a dangerous and deadly weapon Arresting Officer: OFC Mike Weaver Preparing Officer: CPL Angela Waechter Case Number: 2012-59356 View Source.

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