09/09/2012 01:06 PM.
Re: Suspicious Incident Location: 2595 N. Atlantic Avenue Date of Incident: September 9, 2012 Time: 1306 Police Report Number: 20120016917 On 09/09/2012 at 1310 hours, officer was dispatched to the Publix, 2592 No. Atlantic Ave. in reference to suspicious activity to an ATM machine. Upon arrival, contact was made with RP-1 Patrick Gabriel, a Publix Customer Service Manager. RP-1 Gabriel stated that a customer notified him that the ATM was not reading his card and might be broken. RP-1 Gabriel inspected the machine and thought it appeared to have been tampered with. At that point, RP-1 Gabriel checked the reference guide for the ATM and then started to watch the CCTV Surveillance System. RP-1 Gabriel then noticed that at approximately 0936 hours an unknown white male was seen putting something onto the machine. RP-1 Gabriel continued to watch the video and noticed that at approximately 1247 hours that same white male took something off of the machine. During the first incident at approximately 0936 hours, S-1, the white male, took something from his shirt and appeared to attach it to the ATM It is to be noted that S-1 was wearing a purple shirt, white shorts and a when S-1 came back the second time at approximately 1247 hours, he pulled something from the machine and placed it in a small bag or object in his left hand. S-1 was now wearing a blue shirt, plaid shorts, and a beige baseball cap. It is unknown at this time if the ATM is broken/damaged or if the object attached to and taken off the ATM by S-1 is some type of Skimming device. View Source.

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