09/16/2012 05:40 PM.
SHOTS FIRED. SHOTS FIRED AT HOUSES 17:42:01 09/16/2012 - Conger L small green honda car shooting at houses 17:42:17 09/16/2012 - Conger L shot at two houses, unk if anyone hit. 17:42:34 09/16/2012 - Conger L left on stover towards waneta, occ by 2 hispanic males 17:42:38 09/16/2012 - Conger L handgun 17:42:58 09/16/2012 - Conger L Xxxx xxxx 830 xxxx 17:43:58 09/16/2012 - Ibarra Val SSIDE ASKED TO ASSIST 17:53:54 09/16/2012 - Ibarra Val PER SSIDE, THEY ARE CLOSING PART OF THE RDWAY FOR CASINGS, ACTUAL ADDRESS WILL BE 1840 BRADEN RD, 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN 18:05:34 09/16/2012 - Ibarra Val BELIEVE MAY HAVE BEEN A DOVE HUNTER, SUBJ SEEN GET OUT OF VEH, JUMP THE FENCE, A PILE OF FEATHER SEE ON OTHER SIDE OF FENCE Case number: 12C13728.

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