09/15/2012 10:05 AM.
DOMESTIC. DV, MALE/FEMALE YELLING AT EACH OTHER AT THIS ADDR, CAN HEAR IN BACKGROUND 10:06:43 09/15/2012 - Campbell A xxxx & xxxx xxxx ARE THE INVOLVED 10:07:13 09/15/2012 - Campbell A NO INTOX, NO WEAPONS 10:07:58 09/15/2012 - Campbell A RP xxxx xxxx IS A FRIEND OF THE INVOLVED 10:09:23 09/15/2012 - Campbell A MALE HAS A SCRATCH ON NECK, NO MEDICAL AT THIS TIME 10:12:42 09/15/2012 - Campbell A 412 SW CRESENT IN SPILLMAN, NO WANTS/ORDERS ON FEMALE 10:12:54 09/15/2012 - Kampert C 1412 NOT A GOOD LOC/SPLMN SHOW xxxx AT 412 SW CRESCENT 10:12:56 09/15/2012 - Kampert C SSPD ADV 10:44:54 09/15/2012 - Paganelli Ju verbal dv, both parties were seprated. Case number: 12C13642.

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