Other - 4XX N 41ST ST, YAKIMA, WA

09/14/2012 03:12 PM.
DOMESTIC. 15:12:18 09/14/2012 - Wells J son father dv 15:12:25 09/14/2012 - Wells J father is refusing medical attention 15:14:10 09/14/2012 - Ibarra Val RP IS xxxx xxxx 11168 HAD A PHYSICAL ALTERCATION W/ 14 YO SON xxxx xxxx. SUBJS ARE SEPERATED, FATHER IS OUTSIDE AND SON IS INSIDE AND YELLING AT MOTHER IN THE GARAGE 15:14:50 09/14/2012 - Ibarra Val xxxx 910-xxxx, ADV SON SPIT IN HIS FACE, FATHER TRIPPED AND HIT SON IN THE HEAD W/ HIS HEAD BY ACCIDENT. Case number: 12C13602.

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