09/14/2012 01:19 AM.
ASSAULT. REQ FOR OFCR 01:20:19 09/14/2012 - Campbell A 3M FIGHTING IN RPS KITCHEN, 2ND TRAILER ON RIGHT AS YOU ENTER SIL DODGE AVENGER AND RED FORD IN FRONT 01:20:31 09/14/2012 - Campbell A NO WEAPONS, ALL ARE INTOX 01:21:18 09/14/2012 - Campbell A MALES; xxxx xxxx 25YO, xxxx xxxx 27YO, UNK NAME ON NEXT 01:21:27 09/14/2012 - Campbell A ALL STILL PHYSICAL, TEARING UP RESIDENCE AS FIGHT 01:21:42 09/14/2012 - Campbell A REFUSING MEDICAL 01:23:13 09/14/2012 - Campbell A xxxx IS WEARING A BLK TANK TOP W/JEANS, xxxx IS WEARING SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT / JEANS, OTHER MALE IS WEARING BLK SHIRT/JEANS ALL GOING OUTSIDE NOW 01:24:57 09/14/2012 - Campbell A ONE LEFT IN RED FORD TRUCK 2D OLDER MODEL, xxxx LEFT ON FOOT TOWARDS FREEWAY Case number: 12C13582.

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