09/13/2012 11:27 AM.
CITIZEN DISPUTE. 11:27:26 09/13/2012 - Wells J welfare check 11:30:59 09/13/2012 - Kampert C NEIGHBORS HAVING A VERBAL ARGUMENT, xxxx/xxxx UPSET W/xxxx FOR SPEEDING DOWN THE EASEMENT...NOW xxxx IS DIGGING A HOLE W/TRACTOR-YELLING AT EACH OTHER, RP xxxx xxxx ANOTHER NEIGHBOR WHOS NOT INVOLVED 11:42:20 09/13/2012 - Cruz B ** new rp xxxx xxxx calling in 11:42:26 09/13/2012 - Cruz B rp lives at 211 valleyview road 11:42:57 09/13/2012 - Cruz B 426 xxxx 11:43:07 09/13/2012 - Cruz B rp adv ofc on scene Case number: 12C13544.

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