09/12/2012 10:55 PM.
DOMESTIC. DOMESTIC SITUATION - OCCURED 90 MIN AGO 22:58:55 09/12/2012 - Campbell A COLD PHYSICAL DV RP IS REQ CTC, PARTIES SEP WITHIN RES OCC 1.5-2HRS AGO 23:00:15 09/12/2012 - Campbell A xxxx xxxx DOB 060272 / xxxx xxxx DOB 080853 23:01:04 09/12/2012 - Campbell A NO INTOXICANTS NO WEAPONS INVOLVED, RP LIVES WITH HER PARENTS AT THIS ADDR MALE LIVES THERE AS WELL 23:01:45 09/12/2012 - Campbell A MEDICAL REFUSED 23:05:32 09/12/2012 - Campbell A MALE IS IS A BRITISH CITIZEN NO DRIVERS RETURN Case number: 12C13525.

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