09/08/2012 06:56 PM.
DOMESTIC. OPEN LINE MALE VOICE HEARD/NOTHING SAID ATMPT CB X1-MALE ON LINE ADV WIFE THROWING A FIT ATMPTING TO NOT HAVE A DV ADV DOES NEED TO GIVE ADDRESS NOW LINE TERM CBX1-NO ANSWER X2-NO ANSWER 19:01:55 09/08/2012 - Smith L ATMPT CELL INFO WITH AT&T 19:04:51 09/08/2012 - Smith L xxxx xxxx 200 HIGHLAND RD TIETON 19:04:58 09/08/2012 - Smith L HOME# 509-673-xxxx 19:25:38 09/08/2012 - Smith L yso cb adv above loc is fathers addy 19:25:42 09/08/2012 - Smith L 8th ave unk cross st 19:25:49 09/08/2012 - Smith L male caller xxxx xxxx 19:28:44 09/08/2012 - Smith L cb to xxxx xxxx adv unk addy of son xxxx xxxx 19:28:48 09/08/2012 - Smith L unable to get addy 19:28:51 09/08/2012 - Smith L no verif loc 19:31:04 09/08/2012 - Smith L no hx on xxxx xxxx/all returns are hiland address Case number: 12C13297.

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