09/07/2012 10:03 AM.
BURGLARY. 10:04:06 09/07/2012 - Plante A SHOTS FIRED 10:04:20 09/07/2012 - Plante A VEH LEAVING SIL SEDAN 10:04:29 09/07/2012 - Plante A OCCUPD X2 HM, UNK #2 10:04:54 09/07/2012 - Plante A YSO ADV 10:05:12 09/07/2012 - Plante A NB ON N TIETON RD 10:05:34 09/07/2012 - Davila M SUBJ WERE SHOOTING AT A FIRE VEH VEH 10:05:34 09/07/2012 - Plante A APPROACHING TIETON/ROSENCRANTZ 10:06:03 09/07/2012 - Plante A NOW EB ON DILLY 10:07:43 09/07/2012 - Plante A FIRE UNIT LOST CONTACT, SIMILAR VEH AT DILLY/POTTER 10:08:17 09/07/2012 - Plante A SIMILAR VEH TURNED INTO DRIVEWAY NEAR INTERSECTION 10:15:57 09/07/2012 - Kampert C VCTF UNITS ALSO ENRT 10:31:26 09/07/2012 - Kampert C INTERUPTED BURG Call type l reopened by Kampert C at 17:07:09 09/07/12 17:08:40 09/07/2012 - Kampert C xxxx xxxx 1441 N TIETON RD 045 xxxx, GLD TOYT PCAR WA/402URS ABANDONED IN THE ORCHARD/PELLET GUN IN THE BACK SEAT Case number: 12C13216.

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