08/21/2012 05:02 PM.
On 08-21-12 at approximately 1702 hrs. Officers responded to the 100 blk. of Pennsylvania Ave. in Frederick for a weapons complaint. It was alleged that a subject at that residence had pointed a handgun at the resident and then left the area in a car being driven by another subject. OFC. Michael Conover responded to talk with the victim who stated the suspect was her former boyfriend. It was also learned that the boyfriend (a W/M later identified as Robert Patrick Obrien W/M/09-08-85) left the area in a white car being driven by an unknown B/M subject. The tag number and description of the car was relayed to other officers who began searching for the suspect. Obrien was thought to be heading home in the 900 blk. of Heather Ridge Drive. OFC. Adam Anderson located the vehicle near FMH on W. 7th Street and began to follow it. It appeared the suspect was in fact returning to his residence on Heather Ridge Drive. Once other units arrived to assist the officers conducted a felony traffic stop on the vehicle in the 400 blk. of Heather Ridge Drive. Two subjects were located in the vehicle, the suspect Obrien, and a B/M passenger. Both subjects were detained. Further investigation confirmed that Obrien was the suspect being sought; he was placed under arrest at that time. The B/M passenger was transported to HQs. for questioning. A search of the vehicle uncovered a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun under the front seat. Further investigation into the incident also brought to light the handgun had been reported stolen in Calvert County during a previous burglary in that location. The passenger in the vehicle was determined not to have been involved in the incident and was released. At the time of this release the suspect is at central booking being charged and awaiting an appearance before a District Court Commissioner. The charges are as follows: 1st Deg. Assault x 2 2nd Deg. Assault x 2 Reckless Endangerment Wear, carry, transport concealed weapon in vehicle Wear, carry, transport concealed weapon on person Firearm use in felony 1st Deg. Burglary 3rd Deg. Burglary Theft View Source.

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