08/27/2012 01:57 PM.
ASSAULT. STABBING VICT BLEEDING FROM SHOULDER 13:58:23 08/27/2012 - Chaney T AT THE PARK AND RIDE 13:58:27 08/27/2012 - Chaney T RP WAS FLAGGED DOWN 13:59:59 08/27/2012 - Widner K RP xxxx 509 945 xxxx ADVSD HE WAS FLAGGED DOWN BY INDIVIDUAL AT THE PARK AND RIDE AT THORP/YVH AND HAS xxxx (VIC) 14:01:07 08/27/2012 - Chaney T CONS ALERT 14:01:31 08/27/2012 - Chaney T FEELS LIKE HE IS GOING TO PASS OUT 14:01:43 08/27/2012 - Chaney T RP KNOWS SUSP 14:01:58 08/27/2012 - Chaney T JUST OCRD A COUPLE OF MIN AGO 14:02:21 08/27/2012 - Chaney T SUSP DRIVING A BRO FOCUS LEFT ON THE FREEWAY TOWARDS YAKIMA 14:02:36 08/27/2012 - Chaney T MALE AND FEM IN VEH 14:02:45 08/27/2012 - Chaney T VICT KNOWS WHERE SUSP LIVES 14:03:28 08/27/2012 - Chaney T RIGHT SHOULDER 14:03:40 08/27/2012 - Chaney T NOT WANTING TO ANSWER ANY MORE QUESTIONS 14:03:46 08/27/2012 - Chaney T STRUGGLING 14:03:51 08/27/2012 - Chaney T RP IN A BLU CHEVY PU 14:04:38 08/27/2012 - Chaney T SWEATY AND BREATHING SHALLOW 14:10:46 08/27/2012 - Shipman D SCENE SECURE 14:11:59 08/27/2012 - Shipman D NO CALL DOWN RECEIVED 14:16:19 08/27/2012 - Shipman D CANCELED BY AMR Case number: 12C12594.

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