California Highway Patrol officers fired on an escaped jail inmate from San Joaquin County when he tried to ram them with a stolen car near Lodi early Monday morning, a CHP spokesman said. The shots left the inmate dead and critically injured a woman in his vehicle. The CHP took over pursuit of the stolen vehicle about 12:10 a.m. from Stockton police near Interstate 5 and March Lane, California Highway Patrol Officer Angel Arceo said. Officers began and ended the pursuit twice due to the fleeing suspect's wild driving, said Arceo. At times, the driver drove the wrong way on the freeway. Arceo said a CHP air unit kept tabs on the driver even when patrol cars had to cut off pursuit. Eventually, officers in patrol cars caught up with the stolen car one last time when the suspect exited I-5 and took surface streets to Highway 99. He then left Highway 99 at Woodbridge Road. Near there, CHP officers used a maneuver to stop the car with their vehicles. Officers then got out of their cars with guns drawn. View Source.

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