On 08/15/2012, officers with the Directed Patrol Unit were called to the area of Five Guys for a subject who was acting disorderly. OFC. Reed Preece located the subject who had just left the Five Guys. This subject was identified as Montrelle Denard Bowie. Mr. Bowie then told OFC. Preece to lock him up. Mr. Bowie then emptied the contents of his pockets and threw it onto the ground. He then told OFC. Preece that he had marijuana on him and pulled the marijuana from his person. Mr. Bowie was then placed under arrest for the possession of Marijuana and Littering. The Frederick Police Department is committed to addressing quality of life issues within the city. The department will continue to partner with city residents and business owners in furtherance of this goal. Arrestee: Bowie, Montrelle Denard 12/16/1989 Charge: 1.Possession of Marijuana 2. Littering 3. Disorderly Conduct 4. Fail to obey reasonable and lawful order to prevent a disturbance Arresting Officer: OFC. Reed Preece #432 Officer Preparing Release: Cpl. Charles A. Snyder #341 Case Report Number: 2012-50995 NAC: 11 View Source.

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