08/14/2012 01:42 PM.
THEFT-VEHICLE. RP SD HE RCVD A CL FROM xxxx/509 647 xxxx STTNG A SIL CHEV TRUCK WAS IN THE AREA CASING BLDINGS, RP SD xxxx CALLED A SHERIFFS OFC AND THEY GAVE HIM THE REG INFO ON THE TRUCK COMES BACK TO xxxx xxxx WA/WSUK794, xxxx SPOKE W/HIS EMPLOYEE xxxx xxxx WHO SD HE IS NOT IN THE WORK VEH BUT ITS IN A SECURE LOCATION AT THIS TIME (DIDN'T SAY WHERE) THEY DISCONNECTED IN A BAD PHONE RECEPTION AREA...RP WANTS TO REPORT THE TRUCK STOLEN....I LEFT A MSG FOR xxxx TO CALL OUR DISPATCH SO I CAN GET FURTHER INFO 13:49:38 08/14/2012 - West J UGPD TOOK CALL 13:50:23 08/14/2012 - West J NOT STOLEN FROM THIS LOCATION /THIS IS A YSO CALL 14:07:09 08/14/2012 - McNearney M I spoke with xxxx xxxx who spoke with his employee who confirmed the truck was not stolen and is locked in a secure area. Call type l reopened by Kampert C at 14:09:37 08/14/12 Case number: 12C11896.

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