08/13/2012 05:30 PM.
ASSAULT. 17:31:15 08/13/2012 - Chaney T POSS ASSAULT JUST OCRD 17:31:23 08/13/2012 - Chaney T SUSP LEFT IN A BLU AVALANCH 17:31:40 08/13/2012 - Chaney T LIC/B19472T 17:36:59 08/13/2012 - Conger L Xxxx xxxx ADV HE WAS JUST HIT IN THE FACE WITH A BOTTLE BY UNK MALE WEARING BLK SHIRT WHO LEFT EB ON BRANCH IN BLU CHEV AVALANCHE. PLT GVN IS NO GOOD 17:37:24 08/13/2012 - Conger L RP ADV THE MALE SAID "THIS IS FOR xxxx" BEFORE HITTING HIM. RP HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. 17:37:34 08/13/2012 - Conger L CAN'T REMEMBER GUYS NAME BUT KNOWS HE WORKS AT INABA FARMS. 17:37:39 08/13/2012 - Conger L RP DECLINED MEDICAL 18:34:23 08/13/2012 - Ibarra Val RP CB ADV NAME OF SUSP xxxx xxxx AND FOUND A PIC ON FB TO SHOW UNIT. PER RP SUBJ LIVES IN WAPATO. Case number: 12C11843.

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