08/08/2012 09:13 PM.
CITIZEN DISPUTE. POSS THEFT/ TRANS YSO 21:15:17 08/08/2012 - Trickey A RP IS BELIGERANT AND YELLING THAT THE COPS NEED TO GET HIS PHONE BACK FROM THE FEMALE INSIDE THIS HOUSE 21:16:44 08/08/2012 - Trickey A RP HUNG UP AFTER BEING PUT ON HOLD 21:23:13 08/08/2012 - Trickey A MALE IS xxxx xxxx 2-26-69 STANING BY W/RIEND WHO IS xxxx xxxx//RP AND FRIEND WILL BE IN A BLK CHEV TK 949-xxxx//RP WAS IN A VERBAL W/xxxx xxxx AND LEFT THE HOUSE W/O HIS PHONE//xxxx NOW HAS HIS PHONE AND IS REFUSING TO GIVE IT BACK//RP WILL BE STANDING BY FOR DEPUTY CONTACT EITHER IN PERSON OR BY PHONE 21:23:31 08/08/2012 - Trickey A NO WANTS NO ORDERS BTWN THE xxxx OR xxxx 21:53:40 08/08/2012 - Thorn Chris ***RP CB/ TRANS BACK TO YSO 22:54:21 08/08/2012 - Hendrickson C R/P's property was located and returned to him. Both parties happy. CLO Case number: 12C11577.

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