08/04/2012 11:04 PM.
DOMESTIC. PHYSICAL DV/ MEDICAL REFUSED/ TRANS YSO 23:05:35 08/04/2012 - Davis H RP xxxx ADVS HER HUSBAND xxxx IS BEATING HER 23:06:41 08/04/2012 - Davis H RP ADVS HE GRABBED HER BY THE HAIR AND THREW HER AGAINST THE WALL//MALE HALF IS NOW SLEEPING IN THE BEDROOM/FM HAS BEEN DRINKING/MALE HAS NOT BEEN DRINKING 23:07:13 08/04/2012 - Davis H RP KEEPS SAYING HER HEAD HURTS/DOES NOT KNOW IF SHE NEEDS MEDICAL 23:11:23 08/04/2012 - Campbell A WSP ADVS 23:20:46 08/04/2012 - Garcia S - From: West Valley FD STANDING BY FOR YSO 23:38:57 08/04/2012 - Garcia S WV47 FOLLOWING YSO IN 23:43:29 08/04/2012 - Garcia S WV47 STAGING AGAIN 23:50:31 08/04/2012 - Garcia S YSO ADV SCENE SECURE Case number: 12C11364.

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