08/05/2012 03:00 AM.
At approximately 0300 hours, officers responded to a reported stabbing in the 400 block of W. South St. Upon arrival they located the female victim who was bleeding from cuts to the neck and face. She provided the name of her attacker and indicated that he was inside a specific residence in that area. Officers subsequently located the assailant and he was taken into custody. The victim was transported to FMH where she was treated for her injuries that appeared minor in nature. On scene investigation revealed that the altercation began with an argument over food. Suspect: Kingston Rashaad BROWN 6-25-80 100 S. Market St Frederick, MD 21701 Charges: 1st degree Assault 2nd degree Assault View Source.

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Frederick Police Detective Assigned to Investigate Stacy Hoffmaster Homicide

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