08/02/2012 05:25 PM.
Frederick Police Arrest Three for Alcohol in Carroll Creek Linear Park On 8/2/12 at approximately 5:25 p.m., OFC Jeffrey Putman and OFC Michelle Cassady were conducting foot patrol in the area of Carroll Creek Linear Park when they observed several subjects sitting on a park bench with what appeared to be a 24oz.aluminum can containing an alcoholic beverage. As persons walked by these individuals, the officers observed a female in the group, later identified as Teisha Bryant-Harris, conceal the can. The officers continued surveillance of the suspicious subjects and observed Bryant-Harris pass the can to a male sitting next to her on the bench. The male who was later identified as Richard Clauter, raised the can to his mouth before passing it to a second female. This female, identified as Jennifer Clark, took a drink from the can and returned it back to Bryant-Harris. The officers continued to observe the individuals pass the can and attempt to conceal their actions. OFC Putman and OFC Cassady approached the subjects to further investigate their activity. As they approached, the two females passed the can again and Clark got up to walk away. The officers made contact with the subjects and observed the aluminum can directly behind Bryant-Harris. Inspection of the can revealed it was a brand of malt liquor containing 12% alcohol. It is illegal to possess, consume or distribute an alcoholic beverage in a city park. All three subjects were placed under arrest and transported to Central Booking for processing. They were all released following an appearance before the District Court Commissioner. The Frederick Police Department is continuing to address quality of life issues within the City of Frederick. The department will continue to partner with city residents and business owners in furtherance of this goal. Arrestees: Richard Conrad Clauter DOB: 12/19/1963 100 blk of S. Market St. Frederick, MD 21701 Teisha Michelle Bryant-Harris DOB: 11/28/1979 100 blk of S. Market St. Frederick, MD 21701 Jennifer Lynn Clark DOB: 3/18/1983 100 blk of S. Market St. Frederick, MD 21701 Arresting Officer: OFC Jeffrey Putman #338 Officer Preparing Release: Lt. Jason Keckler #284 Investigating Officer: N/A Case Report Number: 12-47910 NAC: 11 View Source.

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