07/31/2012 12:00 PM.
On 07-31-12, at approximately 1200 hours, members of the Frederick Police Department were called to the K-Mart Department store located at 1003 W. Patrick St. for a report of two females being observed by loss prevention officers stealing merchandise as small children with the two adults were also stealing merchandise. When officers arrived on scene, they made contact with two adult females, identified as Alicia Marie Hill and Melissa Hoult-Forrest, as they were exiting the store with several small children. Loss Prevention officers pointed out the group as the subjects observed on surveillance taking items from inside the store and concealing it as they were exiting the store. Sgt. Wayne Trapp and OFC John Hoxie were able to confirm that both Hill and Hoult-Forrest had numerous items concealed in their purses and diaper bags in an effort to steal the items. OFC Hoxie was also able to determine based on video surveillance and the observations of the Loss Prevention officers that two of the very small children with Ms. Hill had also attempted to steal items. Stolen items were also retrieved from the two small children. The children were not charged due to their age and their mother, Ms. Hill and Ms.Foult-Forrest were arrested after the children had been released to other family members who were called to the store. It was determined that the dollar amount shoplifted by Ms. Hill and her children totaled over $100 but less than $1,000. Ms. Hoult-Forrest shoplifted merchandise totaled less than $100. Both were taken to Central Booking and were each given a $3,500 bond when presented to District Court Commissioner. Arrestees: 1. Hill, Alicia Marie 6 Sunny Close St. Thurmont MD, 21788 DOB 11-23-83 Charges: Theft less than $1,000 Conspiracy to commit theft Two counts Contribute to delinquency of a minor. 2. Hoult-Forrest, Malissa 10 Sunny Close St. Thurmont, MD 21788 DOB 06-25-81 Charges: Theft less than $100 Conspiracy to commit theft. Author of Press Release: Sgt. Wayne Trapp Case Report Number: 12-047412 Arresting/Investigating Officer: OFC John Hoxie View Source.

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