07/30/2012 04:16 AM.
ASSAULT. stabbing 04:16:54 07/30/2012 - Hansen W 36 yom stabbed with beer bottle 04:17:50 07/30/2012 - Ray B tribal pd notified,. 04:17:53 07/30/2012 - Hansen W rp adv he is con/alert rp wont say who did this 04:18:14 07/30/2012 - Hansen W happenned outside the home 04:19:24 07/30/2012 - Hansen W now stating a person he was trying to help did this to him named xxxx 04:19:29 07/30/2012 - Hansen W adv stabbed in chest 04:20:03 07/30/2012 - Hansen W pt is in the car 04:22:19 07/30/2012 - Ray B scene secure, pd on scene. 04:43:45 07/30/2012 - Ray B amr i/r tx one to yvmh Case number: 12C11024.

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