07/26/2012 05:54 PM.
DOMESTIC. 911 hang up call, nothing said online. on cb spanish speaker 17:55:41 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D male is xxxx xxxx 1-10-71 is causing probs 17:55:46 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D adv this is her bf 17:56:01 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D adv he is now poss down with his friend 17:56:19 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D adv he was calling her names and being mean 17:56:41 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D not physical/ rp is xxxx xxxx 10-16-82 17:57:03 07/26/2012 - Ramirez D no weapons male hbd 17:58:12 07/26/2012 - Trickey A VERBAL ONLY, NO WEAPONS, MALE INTOX Case number: 12C10815.

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