07/22/2012 06:41 AM.
THREATS. 06:42:00 07/22/2012 - Chaney T THREATS TO KILL AND SHOOT RPS HOUSE 06:42:37 07/22/2012 - Chaney T NEAR THE BRIDGE 06:42:49 07/22/2012 - Chaney T BTWN GRV AND SS 06:43:05 07/22/2012 - Campbell A PEOPLE THREATENING TO KILL/SHOOT RP, UNK WEAPONS, NEAR BRIDGE ON EUCLID 06:43:33 07/22/2012 - Campbell A OTHER PARTY IS NOT THERE 06:45:03 07/22/2012 - Campbell A RP IS IN A GRN HONDA STANDING BY, PARKED OFF RDWY AT THIS LOC 06:46:01 07/22/2012 - Campbell A HOME ADDRESS IS 1706 CASCADE; 23 / THREATS OCCURRED AT HER BROTHERS HOUSE HOWEVER THE RP DOESNT KNOW HIS ADDR 07:00:33 07/22/2012 - Ibarra Val GRV MAY BE STOPPING FEM 07:05:54 07/22/2012 - Ibarra Val PER GRV, THEY HAVE SUBJ STOPPED ON MABTON SSIDE HWY BY BRIDGE, TS DONE DUE TO ERRATIC DRIVING Case number: 12C10569.

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