07/14/2012 07:34 PM.
THEFT. rp is trying to take a tow truck 19:35:52 07/14/2012 - Campbell A RP ADVS SOMEONE WITH THE LAST NAME xxxx IS TRYING TO STEAL HIS TOW TRUCK 19:37:28 07/14/2012 - Campbell A 2 W/M'S ONE WHITE SHIRT ONE BLUE TRUCK, SAYS NOT A REPO 19:38:22 07/14/2012 - Campbell A TOW TRUCK BEING TAKEN BY ANOTHER TOW TRUCK, TRYING TO GET MORE DETAILS FROM THE RP... 19:40:24 07/14/2012 - Campbell A RP SAYING HE DOESNT HAVE PLATE NOW 19:41:35 07/14/2012 - Campbell A B31504K 19:45:05 07/14/2012 - Campbell A FEMALE SAYING THE TRUCK THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE IS 51763H 19:51:45 07/14/2012 - Campbell A TALKING TO THE OTHER PARTY NOW, PRIVATE PROPERTY IMPOUND, LB HAULING Case number: 12C10112.

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