07/11/2012 07:15 PM.
THREATS. OPEN LN/FEM CALLER ADV UNKNS WERE TRYING TO BEAT HER UP 19:16:56 07/11/2012 - Gutierrez M ALLEY NOT VERIFIED/ANI/ALI DROP PHASE 2 19:17:10 07/11/2012 - Gutierrez M CALLER STAYED ON LN/TRANS TO YSO 19:17:23 07/11/2012 - Gutierrez M FEM SOUNDED UPSET & LIKE SHE WAS CRYING 19:17:26 07/11/2012 - Trickey A CRYING HEARD IN THE BACK GROUND 19:17:37 07/11/2012 - Trickey A SOMEONE SAYING THEY HAVE A BIG CUT 19:18:01 07/11/2012 - Trickey A AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE IN THE BACKGOUND, ONE OF WHICH IS MALE 19:18:35 07/11/2012 - Trickey A LINE TERMINATED 19:33:29 07/11/2012 - Trickey A NO ANSWER ON CB//VOICE MAIL SAID THE NAME xxxx Case number: 12C09924.

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