On 07/11/12 OFC. Scott Pyon and OFC. Kyle Jones were conducting surveillance of two subjects in the 300 blk of N. Market St. in reference to continuing complaints of panhandling in the downtown area. While conducting this surveillance the officer noticed these two subjects confronting citizens as they were walking by and appeared to be asking them something. These officers then contacted a citizen who appeared to have been contacted by these subjects. The one subject who was identified as a Steven Ray Stone 11/26/1961. This citizen advised that the subjects had asked him for money as he was walking by them. Prior to making contact OFC. Pyon observed Mr. Chadderton toss some litter into the street. The officer upon obtaining this information then made contact with the Stone subject and Wayne Allen Chadderton 08/21/1965. Both subjects were then placed under arrest. The Frederick Police Department is committed to addressing quality of life issues within the city. The department will continue to partner with city residents and business owners in furtherance of this goal. Arrestees: Stone, Steven Ray 11/26/1961- Panhandling Chadderton, Wayne Allen 08/21/1965- Littering Arresting Officer: OFC. Scott Pyon #306 Officer Preparing Release: Cpl. Charles A. Snyder #341 Investigating Officer: N/A Case Report Number: 12-42929 NAC: 11 View Source.

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