On 6/13/2012, Det. Holler was assigned an attempted sex offense case that occurred in the 1000 block of Heather Ridge Dr. The mother of a 9yo girl reported that she allowed a family friend, later identified as Deandre William Handy (B/M, 3-23-1993), to stay the night at her home. In the middle of the night, Handy went into the girl’s room, removed her from her bed, and took her to the room he was staying in. He proceeded to attempt to remove the girls clothing when she woke up startled. She immediately ran from the room and notified her mother. On 7/10/2012, after completing the investigation, Det. Holler obtained an arrest warrant for: Deandre William Handy B/M, 3/23/93 1000 Block Heather Ridge Dr. Frederick, MD 21702 Handy was charged with: • 2nd degree assault • Att. Sex abuse of a minor • Att. 3rd degree sex offense • Att. 4th degree sex offense Handy was located at his residence in the 1000 Block of Heather Ridge Dr. on 7/10/2012 and taken into custody without incident by detectives. He was transported to FCADC where he appeared before a District Court Commissioner and was given a $15,000 bond. Case# 2012-36802 Lead Investigator: Det. J. Holler Author of release: D/Sgt. J.P. Hayer View Source.

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