On Tuesday July 10, 2012 at approximately 0128 hours officers of the Frederick Police Department responded to the 400 block of West South Street in an attempt to locate one of Frederick’s Most Wanted. OFC Kevin Meyer had received information the previous night that Dennis Leroy Estep was staying in an abandoned house in the 400 block of West South Street. OFC Kevin Meyer located the house and contacted the owner, who gave permission for officers to enter. Officers of the Frederick Police Department entered the residence and found Dennis Leroy Estep asleep in a room downstairs. Dennis Estep was taken into custody without incident and transported to central booking, where he was awaiting a hearing before a District Court Commissioner. Dennis Leroy Estep had 2 active warrants through the Frederick Police Department and one active warrant through the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. The arrestee’s information and charges are as follows: -Estep, Dennis Leroy (B/M/8-7-1971) No Fixed Address 1) 4th degree burglary 2) Warrant-Violation of Probation (violated various terms of probation) 3) Warrant-Malicious Destruction of Property/Theft/Rogue and Vagabond 4) Warrant-Theft less than $1000 Arresting Officer: OFC Kevin Meyer Officer Preparing Release: Sgt. Sean Carr Case Report Number: 2012-42638 View Source.

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