07/07/2012 05:30 PM.
On Saturday July 7, 2012 at approximately 1729 hours officers of the Frederick Police Department responded to the Edward P. Thomas swimming pool for the report of a theft that had just occurred. Callers advised that a subject had stolen several items from people at the pool. The subject had run into the bathroom and locked himself in a stall. OFC Jones arrived on scene and found the subject locked in a bathroom stall. Once the officers identified themselves they heard the sound of a toilet flushing. Officers entered the stall and found a subject, later identified as Tyler Jordan Perkins-Seymour, inside. Tyler began to reach into his pockets and drop items onto the floor. Officers learned that Tyler had been stealing items from people while they were at the pool. As he stole a purse he was spotted by a patron, who called police. Officers were able to return a majority of the items to the owners, except for small items which were believed to be flushed down the toilet. Tyler was arrested and transported to central booking, where he is awaiting a hearing before a District Court Commissioner. Below is the arrestee’s information and charges: -Perkins-Seymour, Tyler Jordan (W/M/11-10-1993) 500 block Wilson Place, Frederick, MD 1) Theft under $1,000 (4x) 2) Theft under $1,00 (3x) 3) Malicious Destruction of Property (2x) Arresting Officer: OFC Kyle Jones Officer Preparing Release: Sgt. Sean Carr Case report number: 2012-42198 View Source.

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