Assault - 11XX SR 821, YAKIMA, WA

07/05/2012 02:34 PM.
ASSAULT. ROAD RAGE ASSAULT - ON THE CANYON ROAD 14:35:48 07/05/2012 - Thorn Chris WSP HAS BEEN ADVSD 14:35:55 07/05/2012 - Blomberg W ERRATIC DRIVING BY VEHICLE AFT4972 14:36:21 07/05/2012 - Blomberg W RP STOPPED VEHICLE TO TALK TO DRIVER - DRIVER ASSAULTED RP AND THEN STRUCK HIS VEHICLE WITH SUSP VEHICLE 14:36:39 07/05/2012 - Blomberg W NOW ON HWY IN FRONT OF HOUSE 1140 14:36:52 07/05/2012 - Blomberg W ** WSP ADV OF HIT AND RUN FROM EARLIER CALL ** 14:40:46 07/05/2012 - Kampert C NOT AN ASSLT ROAD RAGE THAT OCCRD ON HWY 821 PUT CALLER THRU TO WSP xxxx xxxx 425 330 xxxx Case number: 12C09550.

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